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    Easter Bunny @ Disneyland?

    Does the Easter bunny exist on Easter @ Disneyland? Never been to Disneyland on Easter. Thanks.

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    Re: Easter Bunny @ Disneyland?

    I went to the Easter brunch at the Disneyland Hotel a few years ago. I don't even remember seeing an Easter Bunny there.

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    Re: Easter Bunny @ Disneyland?

    No, Easter Bunny is owned by a rival company, lol!!!

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    Re: Easter Bunny @ Disneyland?

    At Tokyo Disneyland, Oswald is the big bunny this year and he will be escorted by all the other Disney bunnies such as Thumper and Ms. Bunny. However, he will not be part of Disneyland. Disneyland chooses not to utilize the Disney rabbits for Easter.

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