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    Armchair Imagineering Think-Tank: 'How would DisneyParks pull off a "Madhouse" '?


    Yesterday i was thinking, as i mostly do, what would be the next big attraction type/experience to appear at Disneyland. After watch out of boredom a POV of "Hex:LotT" i came to the conclusion of: What if Disney tackles a Madhouse ride?

    To those who don't know, a "madhouse" is a enclosed simulation flat ride that can be found in about every major amusement park in Europe. Visitors enters an giant indoor octagonal drum themed to look like a ordinary stationary room, often a dining hall. Riders sit across from each other in stands on a mechanical swing. The swing begins swaying back and forth as the ride begins. Then the entire octagonal drum begins to rotate around the still-moving swing counter clock-wise.

    Below is the system in action as "Villa Volta" located @ Efteling in Holland.

    [ame=""]ONRIDE Villa Volta en de Efteling[/ame]

    So now the main point, if it ever came into being, how would Disney go about to produce a madhouse ride?

    All thoughts, Opinions, ideas and concepts are appreciated.
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    Re: Armchair Imagineering Think-Tank: 'How would DisneyParks pull off a "Madhouse" '?

    I've always thought something like TOT in TDS.

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