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    How is viewing for the World of Color Show going to go.

    We are planning a trip in the last week of September trying to figure out if we are going to be able to see this show with our kids. It will be me and my husban my 4 year old twin girls, another girl a year and a half and an infant about 3 months old.

    From what I understand you get some sort of pass at Grizzley Rapids right now than need to wait in line for what 2 hours before the show. Than you get into the viewing area.

    But is the viewing area for standing and watching or sitting. Are my 4 year olds going to be able to see because my husban and I will be holding the younger two.

    Trying to figure out the logistics of this show from what we know now so I can try to beg some other adults to come with us and help.

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    Re: How is viewing for the World of Color Show going to go.

    Personally, I would wait until more details are released by Disney. At this point it is pure speculation..
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    Re: How is viewing for the World of Color Show going to go.

    Yeah, nothing is actually set in stone yet.

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    Re: How is viewing for the World of Color Show going to go.

    "How is viewing for the World of Color Show going to go..."

    That is the question that everyone's asking, isn't it?
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