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    Favorite Disneyland stories

    What is your favorite story to tell about Disneyland?


    When I was 10 years old my best friend, her mom, my mom and myself all took a trip to Disneyland for my friends birthday. Now at this time, I went on very few rides and I was scared to try new things (so sad I know!). But my biggest fear was Matterhorn, because when I was younger my God-sister told me that a monster lived in there. My friend and her mom rode the ride, got off and told me I had to ride it! They were convinced that Harold was a polar bear and after many minutes of persuasion got me on the ride. And of course......Harold was not a polar bear, and needless to say, I freaked and went into a sobbing fit. My friends mom felt so bad that she made the best story I have ever heard about Harold. She told me that his eyes were so red from all of the crying he did. He was so lonely because no one ever stopped to say hello or ask him how he was doing. He felt so un-loved because everyone just screamed at him, so he isn't trying to rawr at us but to get our attention so we'll stop to chat.

    So now every time I ride Matterhorn, I shout "I love you!" to Harold, just to remind him there are nice people out there.

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    Re: Favorite Disneyland stories

    Only one i could think of:

    I was in Critter Country w/ some of my band friends for Magic Music Days. We saw that Tigger was out so i started talking to him and his CM. I asked if he was hungry and he nodded. I asked if he liked lollipops and he nodded again. I ran inside pooh's corner and bought one of those mickey head lollipops and returned to Tigger. I handed him the lollipop and his CM started bursting into laughter. You could even tell that the person inside the Tigger costume was laughing. At this time, i did not know CM's could not recieve gifts, but i insisted and he finally accepted. It was just a fun experience.

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