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    How do AP numbers here compare to other parks?

    I keep hearing that Disneyland is overrun with AP'ers. I never seem to hear similar "complaints" about other parks, or even other Disney parks. Is the "Disneyland Situation" all that different from how it's done at other parks in the industry? I have AP's (Premium, when offered) at just about every other park in California (including the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose!) and have never experienced the sight of almost about everyone ahead of me in line producing an AP as they go through the turnstiles. Do other Disney parks around the world even offer AP's? I never hear about them. My Premium pass at DLR is up for renewal in August and I am having questions about whether or not it is worth renewing. I have been a passholder at DL since they first started offering them over 20 years ago and have never been without one since. It's just that the place has become so crowded that it i's becoming less and less "fun". Don't get me wrong, I love the place! It's just that Disney seems to want their Parks jammed at all times and after visiting other un-jammed parks, I seem to want to go where there is room to swing-a-dead-cat rather than a place where you are so encircled by humanity that it is hard to put one leg in front of the other without having your ankle hit by a stroller. I would like to hear stories about what your pass at other parks gets you as opposes to what it gets you at DL.

    Unrelated Special note to coaster junkies (like myself): Annually, Six Flags Magic Mountain begins their 7-day a week schedule beginning with the Spring Break period (a.k.a. NOW!)and will continue to do so through the Summer. While most other "Weekend Operating Parks" will again close down during the slow weekdays before the Summer crush, Magic Mountain does not! I highly recommend that you go now before the schools get out for the Summer. This period is used as a "shake down" period for the new summer employees and maintenance crews are increased to handle the now-daily operation of the rides. During this period, the park is a ghost town on weekdays (Mon.-Fri.) as Magic Mountain does not advertise that it is now open daily. The park is open from 10:30-6:00 but you will absolutely get your money's worth! All of the rides are walk-ons and you are allowed to ride as many times as your stomach can handle. In fact, there are times where a coaster train will remain in the station waiting for the minimum number of riders to arrive! Last year I sat in the station for Goliath almost 10 minutes because 2 more riders (for a total of 8) were needed before the train could be dispatched! I bought my SFMM pass with just this period in mind. Check their operating schedule on their website. You should have about 6 weeks of weekday desolation at the park before the crowds decend beginning Memorial Day Weekend and don't let up until late August. The weekends are still busy during this period but weekdays are the BEST!!! At the end of the Summer, SFMM will return to "weekends only". Thanks everyone and I'll see you at the parks!
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    Re: How do AP numbers here compare to other parks?

    The cheap AP has led to the over crowding in DL.

    The 50th anniversary brought many many people back to DL.

    Birthday special last year, really took the AP program over the top.

    This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.

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    Re: How do AP numbers here compare to other parks?

    HI Crazee,

    With your question if APs are offered worldwide at other theme parks including overseas Disney parks I can tell you for a fact yes!!! I am a theme park junky although more of a Disney one in general and I have been to all the Disney resorts, a few Universal Studios resorts and smaller local parks in certain countries and unless they are VERY small parks, 9 times out of 10 they all have APs. I use to live in Korea and there was a small theme park in the city I lived in and it offered APs, seasonal and yearly and the park itself only cost about $8 to get in (you had the option of paying for the rides separately or buying a all in one pass like Disney use to do).

    I been in parks in America, Europe, Asia and Australia and they all have APs of some sort usually.

    I think why DL gets this strange fixation about APs all of a sudden is people think the APs are undervalued, although MOST APs are. Thats why you buy them in the first place. And compared to OTHER APs in SoCal alone where places like Universal, KBF and MM, you basically buy a day or two and you get a pass for the entire year--black out free. Disney has to compete with that as well. You can now buy a day at Universal for $60 and get the rest of the year FREE!! Thats insane, but yet zero to no complainging about Universal undervaluing their APs at a ridiculous price like you do the cries at DL for some reason. A one day pass at DL is more expensive than an entire YEAR at Universal. So yes, the APs are cheaper at DL, but there is proof it could be waaaaay cheaper.

    I would say the ONLY place where APs are incredibly expensive is TDR actually. A one year pass to visit either Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo Disneysea is $400 (roughly). Thats just for ONE park. For two parks its roughly $650. Also, there is NO discounts of any kind, no free parking, nada. Its simply to get you into the parks. I lived in Tokyo for awhile and I DID think about buying me an AP but I couldnt justify it. It was just too much and I only went about once a month (ironically the one day passes are pretty cheap. Even now, they are only about $56) so it was cheaper for me just to buy a one day pass once a month instead of an AP. But thats the ONLY place I been to where that has happened. Other places an AP is ALWAYS the one to go if you plan only going just 2-3 times a year nowadays.

    Anyway, I understand all the moaning over them and they are 'too cheap', but they are faaaaar from the cheapest and Disney is a business too. They have to compete with theme parks all over SoCal who are basically giving their products away for free basically. Thats the problem when you live in one of worse off states economically, but yet still one of the most expensive places to live in the world. You have to find a way to keep people coming back and if nothing else spend money on food and souvineers if they arent going to buy a full day ticket.

    But Disney is such a great place to go and UNLIKE other parks in the area, its the only one with two theme parks to explore and as the other one (finally) gets better, its just more reason to visit vs other places. But yeah, the crowds will be bigger. Its a bigger name and just more family orientated than everywhere else.

    And thanks for the Magic Moutain heads up. I havent been in litterally a decade now and told myself I want to go this spring/summer. Buger King has great discounts for like $27 and since you mentioned how dead it is during May weekdays I'm thinking of heading there next month now!!!

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