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    When can we expect the parade to take the long route to pier?

    Sup guys,

    It has been a long time since the parades have taken the long route all the way to Paradise Pier.

    So do you guys know when will the parade be taken the usual route all the way pass to the end of Paradise Pier?

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    Re: When can we expect the parade to take the long route to pier?

    they night need to move TLM walls a bit inward before the parades can do this
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    Re: When can we expect the parade to take the long route to pier?

    This was one of the first things I thought about when I saw the work walls were down at Paradise Park.

    Initially I thought, nah, with TLM construction, it'll still probably be a fair way off -- seeing as it looks like they could use some more space on that side of the parade route.

    Until thisafternoon, when I saw this on [Link to unauthorized site removed]:

    Oh wow... there's speakers in the work walls... nothing else to talk about. Okay, we're done here.

    And then again here, it looks like they are all along the wall:

    Could this be to facilitate parades along the extended route?

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