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    DCA ideas

    Hi all, its been months since my last post, I've been pretty busy! But I was at DL and DCA this past Saturday (10/29), and while I was waiting in line to see the Aladdin musical at DCA, I was thinking of some things that I feel need to be done to improve the park, which I do think is a very good one, but one that just needs some fine tuning, something which I think that CM Matt can do. I know, I know, not all of these ideas are uniquely mine, some are mine, some are things that I've heard or read that I think would be a really good idea. OK here goes, lemme know what you think.
    1) This I think is the most pressing need of DCA. It needs some sort of berm with a transportation system boardering the circumference of the park. Just like the train system at DL, DCA needs something in this nature. As to what this vehicle system might be, I have no idea. Perhaps SF cable cars, as similar systems have been integrated in numerous other cities in California (although not as famously as in SF). With stops at the Hollywood Pavilion (on top of the Millionaire building), one in the back corner of the Timon parking lot (once expanded into), one in Paradise Pier, and one in the Bay Area/SF area (expanded to be slightly larger of course). When I was in line for Aladdin, with time running short on the day, and wanting to try to hit Screamin' as well before I headed back over to DL, but the walking that incredible distance to reach it didnt seem worth it to me on that day. Now, if there had been a transportation system to get me over there quickly and efficiently, I would've gone to screamin without a second thought, and while I was over there, most likely would've ridden at least a few more rides, and probably browed the shops there to see if anything caught my fancy to spend money on (hint hint disney execs). While on this street car, perhaps we could enter long tunnels (like the train at DL) and see AA bits of CA history that relates to the 'lands' we're in. Perhaps learn about the history of flight in CA as we pass through Condor Flats, instead of straining our eyes trying to read it on the walls of the hanger in Soarin'. These tunnels could be strategically placed so that the street cars aren't seen in areas where a street car might seem out of theme (surrounded by planes, in the middle of a redwood forest, etc). And for a change of pace during the ride, when we reach the SF area of the park, perhaps the ride speeds up a bit (just a few mph) and goes carreening down a realistic looking Lombard street. Nothing so fast that it would be scary for the little ones, or would even require safety restraints, but just enough to make us feel the pull as we go around the bends of the road. The Street cars would make various changes in elevation, mostly run at ground level, but occasionally rise up to run alongside the golden gate bridge (and the monorail). I think something like this is definitely needed to help move people to less populated parts of the park and add some more movement to the park.

    2) Those added millions that were cut from the initial budget need to get put back in to the Hyperion and turn it into a real working theater, that brings in the West Coast Broadway-seeking crowd night after night after DCA closes, or even while it was still open. Imagine a street-side enterance built, a lobby be built in the theater, it be spruced up enough to hold a Lion King type show, and before you know it, you're filling the place each and every night to see Disney's latest Broadway hit (aka Tarzan, Mary Poppins, any others they will be making). I heard that the theater was originally meant to hold to full running, different shows daily, so a smaller production like the current Aladdin could stay for park guests, but with the primary focus going to the Broadway show going to people paying the big bucks night after night. Perhaps the guests exit after the show through the street-side enterance, or perhaps the exit out into the closed park, down HPB, and out through the park's main enterance. I perfer the latter option, because the characters from the play could be waiting to wave goodbye to the guests as they walk out (by this I mean characters as they are seen in the movies from the plays they represent, so for tarzan, have CMs in costumes of tantor, turk, tarzan, etc, waving goodbye and conducting traffic. The only problem I can think of for this conversion is where the guests will park without having to trek long distances in fancy high heels and dress type shoes worn to broadway shows to get to their cars. But I'm sure they could think of something.
    3)More Dark Rides are needed! A Little Mermaid in the Paradise Pier area, perhaps a Brother Bear or Bambi ride by GRR, expand A Bug's Land and put a Bug's Life dark ride in there, to give the parents something to do with their kids in that land (let it be known that i do not like that land, not a huge fan of the movie, thought it was just ok, but the land is here to stay, at least for the forseeable future, and a ride that the parents can do with their kids would be greatly appriciated there i think, and I'm a college student saying this, not a parent wanting something to do in the land) i think these dark rides would add immersion to the park that it needs, and it would also spread a Disney feel to the park, which i think it is sorely lacking. spread em out to different parts of the park, unlike Fantasyland, so that people will want to visit each and ever part of the park to go on rides of their favorite movies.
    4) a nighttime show put in the lake in front of PP, along the lines of Fantasmic, but themed to CA. this would mean Golden Dreams could be taken out, room for a SF expansion, and if done well, could really draw people to the park all on its own. imagine if you had people lining up around the lake for hrs before the show started, like fantasmic and Remember. that kind of buzz and excitment to see a show is a huge draw, then people can just stay where they are and wait for the Electrical Parade to come along too, it would definitely add a lot of excitement to the park.

    there are, of course, other things, but i think these are some of the primary points that need to be addressed. the infrastructure for the water show could even be added to the lake when Paradise Pier gets its cosmetic makeover that HPB is getting right now. it just takes some planning and some budgeting. Here's to hoping at least. what do you guys think?
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    Re: DCA ideas

    As far as the transportation around the park goes, I did hear that they were thinking of putting in another steam train. Instead of the rod-type locomotives found next door, it was supposed to be a 3-foot gauge Shay geared-type locomotive so it would tie in to California's logging industry.

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    Re: DCA ideas

    I like the water show idea best. Thanks

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