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    Smile Indiana Jones video?

    A few months back I remember watching a video on youtube that was about Indiana Jones but it had people acting in it. Im pretty sure it was the guy that is actually on the introductory video on the was iI think a 2 or 3 part video...anyone happen to know?

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    Re: Indiana Jones video?

    I think it was some special on TV with John Rhys (spell check?) Davies and Karen Allen.

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    Re: Indiana Jones video?

    Here is the first part of the video you are looking for, The Making of Disneyland's Indiana Jones Adventure, off of my DisneyParkVideos page on YouTube. Link below.

    [ame=]YouTube - The Making of Disneyland's Indiana Jones Adventure (1/3)[/ame]

    YouTube Channel:

    ...for any Disney Theme Park Specials, Behind the Scenes, Making Of's, Celebrations, etc.

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