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    Question Does The New ROA Track Carry Power Now?

    The new ROA track looks a little wider to me. Does anyone know if it now carries an inductive power setup like the sub track? Seems like the elimination of the gas engines on those big ships might be worth something.

    Get disney some extra pollution credits to use for fireworks

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    Re: Does The New ROA Track Carry Power Now?

    I don't think it looks bigger. Looks the same to me, just new.

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    Re: Does The New ROA Track Carry Power Now?

    While it is possible I would wonder how Disney would ensure the safety of guests in contact with the water in the event of a transformer surge (bye bye explorer canoes?). While inductive power can be used in an underwater application the connection between the boat's power probe and the power supply must be within 0.10" to establish a proper connection otherwise the power transfer signal gets diffused by the water.

    If Disney does decide to go as green as the water in the RoA then I'd imagine that there would just be an electrical charge cord that they can plug into the dock inbetween trips. It's safer to keep batteries on the ship and capacitors on the dock than it is to run an inductive power line throughout the RoA.

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