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    Arrow Caring for the Antique Horses on King Arthur's Carousel

    A fun look at how they take care of the Carousel

    The preservation of the King Arthur Carrousel horses – each of which is a genuine antique, older than Disneyland itself – involves pulling horses off the Carrousel, replacing them with “alternates,” repairing them, sanding them, refinishing them and repainting them. It’s why they always look “new,” even though they’re decades old. Not only are they antiques, they’re probably among the most well-maintained antiques in the world, considering they have guests bouncing up and down on them for hours a day, every day of the year.

    You might be surprised to learn that….

    The original fleet of horses came from Canada.
    All the Carrousel horses are made of wood.
    There is one cast member whose sole responsibility is to take care of all 85 horses.
    There are 72 horses on King Arthur Carrousel at a time.
    Horses are rotated whenever they need maintenance.
    In 2008 Jingles, a very special horse, was redesigned and decorated in the theme of “Mary Poppins” as a dedication to actress Julie Andrews.
    Click here to see the full blog entry with a video: Caring for the Antique Horses on King Arthur Carrousel Disney Parks Blog
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    Re: Caring for the Antique Horses on King Arthur's Carousel

    I remember it took a year to refurb them last time.

    This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.

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    Re: Caring for the Antique Horses on King Arthur's Carousel

    Thought you might like a picture of Jingles here!

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    Re: Caring for the Antique Horses on King Arthur's Carousel

    Very interesting, thanks for posting.
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    Re: Caring for the Antique Horses on King Arthur's Carousel

    is it true that they don't use any cleaning supplies to clean the horses, except just a scrub down with water? to preserve or whatever?
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    Re: Caring for the Antique Horses on King Arthur's Carousel

    I am indeed "surprised to learn" from the Disney Parks blog's list of facts that the carrousel has 72 horses. I thought that four horses were removed during the refurb of 2003 to make room for a handicap-accessible bench, which would mean there are currently 68 horses. Am I right?

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