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    Snow White Grotto Railing Change?

    When was the railing shown here changed?
    (photo credit:

    I'm not finding the picture of the current version which I had seen recently, but instead of the wooden railing/fence, the new one was more of a tightly-spaced, perhaps higher, metal one -- much more "barrier" like.

    I don't recall noticing it back in Sept 2009 so perhaps the change happened since then.

    I really like the older version. The newer one (again, sorry no photo) must have been part of the "idiot-proofing" trend. Ugh! Can we just have the lawyers draft some sort of all-inclusive disclaimer on the tickets that says, "you are responsible for yourself"?
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    Re: Snow White Grotto Railing Change?

    I don't have a date, but it must have happened a while ago. The current metal railings in the Snow White grotto area have been that way for several years now.

    There are very few railings/bridges left in Disneyland that date back to the early days of the park. We witnessed the demise of the little bridge into Carnation Plaza Gardens late last year, and the Frontierland bridge has also been completely idiot-proofed this year.

    When it comes to fencing, they don't make 'em like they used to.

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    Re: Snow White Grotto Railing Change?

    Nope, they sure don't.

    They make them better, with a higher level of detail!

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