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    Retro Trend leading the future?

    Looking around at the parks this week, I've noticed a lot of empasis on older disney projects. Disneyana, for example had 3 different paintings of the Nautilus hanging up for sale. Many different older projects are getting new merchandise, as well as retro-themed merchandise from the park itself (Gold mickey ear hats, for example).

    Do you see this as an ongoing trend, something that will drive the parks forward, or just something for the 50th?

    For example, with the talk of a 3rd gate, could we see a park such as "Disney's Fantasia", with the park and rides themed from a decades-old movie (even though it's still one of their best!)?

    Just wanted to get some thoughts and opinions...
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    Current Disney isn't producing anything good to market inside the parks (besides PIXAR) so seems DL and WDW will have to draw on retro until the trend changes.

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    Let's not forget some of the Park's greatest attractions aren't tied to films. POTC, Haunted Mansion, the beloved Peoplemover and the Main Street Omnibus just to name a few.

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    I saw a report a few years ago that said, with the aging of the baby boomers, there will a be huge surge of older demographics at the Disney parks in the coming years - - naturally, they will be looking to re-experience their youth and the nostalgia of Disneyland at its peak - - as well as experience new wonders.

    But the thing to always remember is - - no Disney film or ride is old to those who haven't experienced it yet - - that is the secret to Disney's longevity through the generations! good art lasts forever...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tikitone 74
    Let's not forget some of the Park's greatest attractions aren't tied to films. ... the Main Street Omnibus just to name a few.

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