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Thread: AP payment plan

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    AP payment plan

    hello all. So I just moved to Los angeles and am planning to get a premium AP as soon as possible. I wanted to do the payment plan, but was wondering if they would check my ID. I haven't gotten my california ID, but I know they send it through the mail and it takes a while. My question is, is there another way to prove that I live here? like maybe take my bank statement or something with my address or a reciept that I bought a california ID?

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    Re: AP payment plan

    They asked for my ID, I think your best bet is to just get an updated CA ID.

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    Re: AP payment plan

    Yea, now that you live in CA you'll want to get that ID as soon as possible off principal, especially in Los Angeles where the public service workers are less than receptive of your moving situation.

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