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    another ride idea

    After recently watching Robin Hood it seems like a perfect candidate for a ride. It has the same sort of elements that splash mountain has, plus since its "Robin Hood" people would recognize the name from other movies as well and be interested. The perfect place to put it would be Critter Country, but im not sure how much more room there is. One more that could work is in either Fantasyland or Frontierland, which do have a little room. I also think a few of the
    under-celebrated movies should get a chance. Splash Mountain was a fairly unknown cartoon, but makes a dang good ride.

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    Re: another ride idea

    Well, it couldn't be in CC because it doesn't fit thematically. CC is "supposed" to represent the Deep South, but that gets messed up by Pooh. But still, we don't want to further stray from the theme.

    Tony Baxter, I believe, had an idea for a Robin Hood dark ride and there was even an interview about it. He said that when he designed it, he realized that dark rides are all about the environments that they put you in. He said that in Robin Hood, there are the trees in the forest, the trees in the town, the rocks in the forest, and the rocks outside the castle, or something along those terms.

    I'd have to agree with him. The best dark rides take you flying over London and Neverland, put you in the middle of the Dwarves diamond mine, and take you through Tulgy Wood. Robin Hood is a great story and has great characters, but a whole dark ride would be too much for a mediocre setting.

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