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    Disneyland with a large group

    Every year my friends and I get together for "TeamDisney" (a whirlwind marathon trip) to Disneyland.

    In the past we've had 15+ adults and no children. This year, the rumors of our fun have spread far and wide, we are likely going to have between 18-21 attendees (still all adults). We are planning the trip for June 19th for our day in the park.

    What are some tips you have for Disneyland with 20+ people? (I have already gotten us group rates on tickets)
    Do you think there will be big crowds on June 19th? (since I'm trying to make a good ride schedule)
    June 18th Toy Story 3 comes out. Will there be any special events or extra crowds due to it being opening weekend?

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    Re: Disneyland with a large group

    Well June 19th is after most AP holders get blackout dates, but it is beginning peak vacation time and right after WoC opens.

    However just that sheer number of people alone in your group is tough. For actually traversing the park it may be tough having everyone wanting to do the same thing at the same time. Even with my friends and family of 7 etc we typically will split up for some of the day.

    Have fun! Do not be surprised if it's crowded >.<

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    Re: Disneyland with a large group

    The restaurants with character meals could be fun for all and would be able to seat everyone.
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    Re: Disneyland with a large group

    Since you have done this multiple times before, I am sure you know all the ins and outs of a large group at the Park. The toughest I have faces was 25 for New Year's Eve. We all stayed at the Disneyland Hotel, and I had to contact directly Hooks Point for reservations, but they even printed up special menus for our group and gave us great service.

    In the 20 or so years of doing groups in Disneyland is probably have meeting times for folks, but don't over plan, should be a group that wants to go in the very first second they can, and another set that wants to sleep in a bit, so today with cell phones and texting, meeting up later is so much easier. I always would plan one or two big meals a day as anchors for folks, and use either the Disney Dinning, which you might have to request in sub groups because your group is too large, but in the past few years they seem to be able to handle seatings larger than 10. You know to call Disney Dinning 60 days in advance (which you are past, but first thing in the morning call) If you want more details on my ideas of where to eat at, PM me. Also plan for a break in the afternoons, so folks can rest up and be ready for the evening fun, with that if folks want to stay in the park or shop they usually have no problems breaking off to do that. Remember the secret to success is to think of the better of the group, not insist on doing what you think they might want to do, I find that I was wrong many times.

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