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    Armchair Imagineering II: Alien Zoo

    Armchair Imagineering II: The Innoventions Building

    Project Name: Alien Zoo

    One of the ideas behind this ride is was to take advantage of the unique design of the rotation of the building. A side of effect of remodeling the building as apposed to tearing it down is the significance cost savings, making this project very cost effective. The additional benefit is time savings, assuming that no major surprises are found when the building is stripped down for the remodel.

    The other major goal is to put the future or dream of the future back into Tomorrowland. The remodel of this building would only be a small part of a whole land makeover.

    The face of the building has been redecorated in classic white/blue 1960s futuristic style, with large video screens showing images of both inside the building and around Tomorrowland. This brings back the feeling of Disney’s original vision of Tomorrowland, and makes the building exciting to look at from the outside.

    STORY: Space Explorers have brought back alien creatures from their visits to other worlds. These animals have been collected here for your view. Realistic habitats have been created for them. You, as guests, are invited to come and explore their worlds and to see how they live. (Preshow can contain travel posters for some of the planets.)

    Guests now walk up the ramp to enter the building which has been widened for both entrance and exit traffic. The ramp also leads to the bridge and line for the rocket jet attractions.

    The inside upper deck of the building would contain a series of interactive displaces about the alien life and environments. The line for the attraction can be extended up here and use the space on the upper level.

    The line for the attraction officially starts as a ramp going down to the first level. The elevator continues to be used for handicap accesses.

    STORY Continues: Along side the ramp are many monitors. The Zoo Keepers explain that there has been a power failure and all the animals have escaped and are running amok in the zoo. For their safety they have to be recaptured.

    The Zoo Keepers ask for your help. They will lend you one of their anti-gravity sleds that have tractor beams. You can fly around the zoo and pick up the animals and place them in holding containers until the power is brought back online.

    Once you hit the lower level the line will zigzag back and forth and the monitors will explain how to fly the anti-gravity sleds and how to work the tractor beams. They will also explain how one member of the party will be the pilot and there will be an optional co-pilot spot but those duties can be done on auto-pilot.

    With the screens in place

    Without the screens to give you an idea of the space

    Cast member will then break people into groups of 4-6 people and find out who is going to be the pilot of the groups.

    The groups will then be led to step onto the slow moving outer ring of the building. They will enter the anti-gravity sled from the back. The pilot and optional co-pilot will take their seats first followed by the people who are going to be using the tractor beams.

    A closer look

    A better look at the vehicle (keep in mind that they do
    move up/down and tilt)

    The video being projected onto the screens around the group will be that of a warehouse / service area for the anti-gravity sled.

    The cast member will make sure that the guests are seated and ready to go. They will then close the door to the anti-gravity sled and close the screen behind them. This will allow for video to be projected 360 degrees around the guests.

    STORY Continues: Once the guests are ready the computer program will kick in and give a pre-recorded video of the anti-gravity sled rising up and leaving the warehouse / service area. Once in the air the pilot takes over and it becomes virtual reality.

    The pilot can fly as fast or as slow as they wish or as high or low as they want also. The zoo is a huge location to explore. As the pilot flies the other guest will look for the escaped animals and trap them by pick them up with the tractor beams. The co-pilot helps by controlling the energy of the ship, making the tractor beams more powerful and by using the scanners to find the animals faster.

    There will be about 10 different animals ranging in size and shape, from monkey like creatures which are everywhere to harder to find cat-like creatures. There will also be large elephant creatures which will require two tractor beams to pick up.

    Once any animal has been picked up it can be placed (dropped) into a storage container which have been placed allover the zoo.

    The anti-gravity sled and on series of hydraulic lifts which allows the sled to move in all directions much the way star tours moves but not as dynamic. The video is synced with the movement.

    People on the attraction can travel anywhere in the zoo and the animals will always be in motion and will be in different locations. Every single time anyone rides this attraction it will be different based on how they fly and which creatures they run into.

    STORY Continues: Player can explore the zoo besides looking and capturing animals. After about 5 to 6 minutes players will get the message that their anti-gravity sled are running low on power. At which point their anti-gravity sled will float to the ground and back into warehouse / service area

    The back screen will then open up and a cast member will open the back door and escort the guest out of the vehicle. There will be a screen which will show them how many animals they captured and a video thanking the guest for their help.

    Exiting either up the ramp or the elevator, guest can either leave the building or get back into line and try it again.

    Mechanics: Base on the size of the building I have calculated that 40 vehicles will easily fit. The vehicles can fit up to six people but the average will be closer to 4. I estimate that the hourly capacity will be between 1680 to 2100 guest per hour. This puts it the fairly high capacity range.

    This was a great deal of fun and it let me practice my skills using Google Sketchup. I hope that you enjoy my idea

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    Re: Armchair Imagineering II: Alien Zoo

    Very creative concept and use of new technology proposed...good stuff, ni_teach, thank you!
    when the spooks have a midnight jamboree....

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    Re: Armchair Imagineering II: Alien Zoo

    LOVE the bridge idea for a relocated Rocket Jets.

    Beastly Kingdom
    ? Sci-fi City? Pirateland? Port Disney? Discovery Bay?
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    Re: Armchair Imagineering II: Alien Zoo

    wow, this idea is good, it can really pull together the idea of Tomorrowland being a spaceport
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