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    World of Color "Showpasses," are now "Fastpasses."

    I'm sorry if this has already been posted but:

    Editor's Note 5/10: Burbank's legal and corporate red tape couldn't get the proposed "Showpass" moniker approved in time, so they'll just be calling it World of Color Fastpass when it launches next month. Get to the Grizzly River Run ticket machines early, and just hope you pull a ticket in either Yellow A, B, C, or Red A and B sections. If you pull a Blue section ticket over by the Golden Zephyr, you might as well toss 'em and wait to get into Yellow or Red at the later non-Fastpass shows. - Al Lutz
    So ladies and gentlemen, head to the Grizzly River Run ticket machines early and hope you get a Red or Yellow ticket for the show.
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    Re: World of Color "Showpasses," are now "Fastpasses."

    I think someone posted this somewhere already but thanks.

    At least it sounds like the showpasses or fastpasses now is really happening. I still wonder if this is for the first show or all the shows?

    EDIT: It looks like this may be the only first show only according to that post. I should closer next time.

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    Re: World of Color "Showpasses," are now "Fastpasses."

    Yeah this has been posted before and was discussed thoroughly on the DCA tracker.

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    Re: World of Color "Showpasses," are now "Fastpasses."

    Quote Originally Posted by WorldDisney View Post
    I should closer next time.
    Yes, you should.
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    Re: World of Color "Showpasses," are now "Fastpasses."

    I guess I didn't see this anywhere else, I'm not very observant, lol.

    But I'm so excited for thissss!!!

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