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    YES. It will be one of those typical Disney specials where they waste time chasing the walk around characters looking for George Lopez that is lost in a ride. Then there will be some musical numbers (Helen Reddy does Candle on the Water with Meatloaf) that are performed with cheap dancers in front of the Rivers of America.

    Cut away to historic Walt footage and a tearjerker speech by Fess Parker.

    We never see anything of the park as the networks feel the park is embarrasing and so they focus on the talent. Tina Turner and Drew Carey will sing "Hakuna Matata" with Ben Vereen dancing on the Matterhorn. Just in time to be lame, Outcast will do "Hey Ya" in Storybookland. Al Gore recounts his first visit to Small World. Annette will make a speech next to a stuffed Art Linkletter. We wrap with Kurt Russel saying "It all started with a mouse".
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    Does anyone know if Art Linkletter will be there in May or July?

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