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    Disneyland soundtrack

    I would like to buy a disneyland soundtrack to get my kids excited for Disneyland. I especially would love to have "Zipideedooda" (sp?) so they will be as excited as I am for Splash Mountain. Any recomendations?

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    Re: Disneyland soundtrack

    A Musical History of Disneyland is an awesome cd. It has like 80 songs from all the rides, yesterland rides, shows, and sounds from around the park. I don't know how much it is, I got it for

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    Re: Disneyland soundtrack

    That's actually a 6-CD set, and rather pricey. For those who are more concerned with cost, I recommend the current (2008, actually) 2-CD resort soundtrack - despite overly cutesy packaging, it contains all the major pieces of music in great sound quality. Currently sells for about $20, IIRC. You can also find older soundtracks, possibly for cheaper prices.

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