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    An Escape from the Medium.

    A land of fantasy, wrapped with rapture and artistry.
    Is beckoning for me to explore, discover, and conquer.
    Let my senses take full authority; let my senses of the norm, of the medium repel.
    How I plead to let this fantasy never cease, only to reawaken me into a reality I constantly attempt to flea.
    For I wish to escape the harsh realities that are pressed upon me in the everyday world.
    Hear me as I dream out loud.

    Escapism is a form of re-focusing one’s attention on things pleasant or enjoyable.

    It can be a healthy means for not getting completely depressed by reality,
    or in extreme forms, can result in obsessive behaviors that make people completely ignore reality to their detriment.

    The sole purpose of this thread is to examine which would apply to you.

    Which would one deem thyself in one of three levels:
    Minor. Moderate. Or severe? Regardless if one is a frequent or infrequent visitor.

    This is to determine how much, Disneyland specifically, is utilized as a form
    of escapism to gain a better or relieved mental health when one, inevitably,
    departs from the Magic Kingdom and returns to the "real world".

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    Re: An Escape from the Medium.

    I'd say that I'm in the moderate to severe range. Though there are some signs of reality within the parks (DCA moreso), there is something about Disneyland that just makes want to let time pass without a care, and talk to random folks and smile sans marketing.

    Of course, there are those who go beyond severe and lose all common sense past the turnstiles....
    Please...don't call me simmer, call me Mike Folf.
    I am a Canis Lupus Vulpes Americanis Califius, otherwise known as a Californian Folf.

    "Cool shades, Mike!"

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    Re: An Escape from the Medium.

    Truly a thought provoking question.

    I think I've probably hit every portion of the spectrum at some point or another.

    At the moment, if this were a 1-10 scale (1 being mild, 5 being moderate, and 10 being severe), I would say that I'm a 3.5. In less than two weeks my pass is going to expire, making it so that I wouldn't be able to go very often. That makes me sad, but there are plenty of other things for me to be excited about.

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    Re: An Escape from the Medium.

    I deeply enjoy but don't rely on the escapism of Disneyland. I've never had an annual pass, and my frequency of visits has ranged from once every few months to once every few years (more often the latter). There've certainly been one or two visits here and there when I really truly just needed an escape from the messy real world, and Disneyland ended up being just what the doctor ordered...but on the whole, I try to maintain a pretty even keel in my life, so Disneyland is more like a special treat (and a fascinating topic to study) than a drug I need for stability.

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    Re: An Escape from the Medium.

    I agree with CindarellaStory, I've been all over the scale. Right now, I need Disneyland to de-stress from my finals! It helps me escape, and relax and I can just forget about everything in the outside world that's going on. Once I leave the parking lot though... I remember I have a test to study for!

    But I definitely go there to wind down and be taken away by the "Magic", or just to have a good time with friends

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