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    Fireworks and the Columbia

    My wife and I decided not to join the crush in front of the Castle to watch fireworks last Saturday but watched from the Fantasmic! viewing area along side the Rivers of America.

    After the show started I realized that the Columbia was docked at the riverboat loading rather than the Mark Twain. This situation is relatively uncommon since the Columbia spends most of its spare time in Fowler's Harbor if Fantasmic! is not running.

    I thought that some of you might enjoy a couple of the pictures I took that night. I'll be back this Friday to shoot more.

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    Re: Fireworks and the Columbia

    Since the Mark Twain is in rehab, the Columbia is docked at the Mark Twain Dock. A little known tibit, during the off season when Fantasmic! is dark, you can ride the Mark Twain, where it stops in the water and you can watch the fireworks.
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    Re: Fireworks and the Columbia

    I would love to see them. I enjoy fireworks from alternative locations. I guess I'm just a rebel like that.

    In August, my dad and I watched them from between Dumbo and the Carousel (behind the castle) in WDW. We didn't get the full effect, but it was such a classic image to see the happy kids riding on Dumbo and the fireworks behind them.
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