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  • Disneyland would get a HUGE attendance boost. EPIC WIN

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  • HOtels owuld be booked and it would be more difficult for out of town visitors. EPIC FAIL

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  • Comic-con's moving to Anaheim?

    4 8.51%
  • It will NEVER happen

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    Re: If Comic-Con moved to would it effect Disneyland?

    I don't want them to move it.

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    Re: If Comic-Con moved to would it effect Disneyland?

    Comiccon most likely wont move to Anaheim... Mainly because this a negotiating ploy the organizers are using to get a better deal from san diego. They are also hearing offers from los angeles.

    If comiccon moves to anaheim , i actually see it becoming a huge crowd problem. Most of the comic con people are there to do the convention, if anything they would come to the parks at night. Comiccon would distract disney from a major summer season causing headaches for tourists who are coming only for the DlR. finding a hotel would be a nightmare, prices would go through the roof. Its like trying to plan a trip to vegas during CES or NAB . everything is inflated. its not a win for the resort. in the end i think comiccons best choices are either back in san diego , los angeles where the hotels need the biggest occupancy boost or las vegas where they surely can handle the crowds and they have air conditioning. I just dont feel anaheim is the right choice

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    Re: If Comic-Con moved to would it effect Disneyland?


    I hope it moves to Anaheim. I doubt that it is going to.

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    Re: If Comic-Con moved to would it effect Disneyland?

    the simpsons episode 20, season 21. two references to Disney.

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    Re: If Comic-Con moved to would it effect Disneyland?

    I think the convention center is a little too close to DLR. I understand the tie in, but it wouldn't hurt if it was 3 miles away...This week the Dentist convention has really clogged up all the roads, and since a lot of them are from out of town, they would gladly take buses over to the resort either way, but jeez, the people, cars, buses, felt really crowded this week. And yet, Disneyland was NOT CROWDED. So congestion, doesn't mean profits for the park.
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