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    Red Face dates for grad night

    I'm planning a 4 day trip to the parks next month from june 21-24 and forgot all about grad season for grad nights. Does anyone know where I can find dates or info on when the parks close early?

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    Re: dates for grad night

    The last Grad Night for 2010 is Thursday, June 24. Since there is the Blast Off pre-party at Paradise Pier in DCA, there may not be any World of Color shows that night.

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    '09 - D23 Expo, Princess & the Frog preview, Magic & Merriment Weekend
    '10 - 1st Anniversary Party, Roy Disney Tribute, Pollyanna screening, Toy Story Marathon, Disney Archives 40th Anniversary, Dateline Disneyland 1955, Secretariat preview, Destination D, Zorro screening, Tangled preview
    '11 - Love is Magical, 2nd Anniversary Mixer, Absent Minded Professor screening, Destination D, Studio Tour, Sci-Fi Academy, D23 Expo (premier), Babes in Toyland screening, Magic & Merriment Weekend
    '12 - Newsies screening, Journey to Marceline tour, Sister Act screening, Brave preview, Brave artists meet/greet/screening, Treasures Exhibit - Reagan Library preview, Timothy Green premiere, Destination D (diamond), Treasure Island screening, Magic & Merriment Weekend
    '13 - El Capitan Peter Pan Panel & Screening, Disney Video Game Unveiling, Fanniversary, OZ preview, Son of Flubber screening, Summer Magic screening, Tiki Room 50th anniversary, D23 Expo (sorcerer), Sword in the Stone screening, Hocus Pocus screening, Frozen preview, 20,000 Leagues screening
    '14 - Pirate Fairy screening, Rebel Rendezvous, Three Musketeers screening, Mr. Toad screening, Snow White screening, Big Hero 6 preview, Little Mermaid screening, Destination D

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    Red Face Re: dates for grad night

    Crazy... I read the thread title and thought you were looking for a date to take to Grad Nite -- or if it was normal to take dates...

    It is prom night around here, so the restraints are full of the young folk and there dates ... might have tainted my thought patterns a bit.
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