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    Tomorrowland Breakfast??

    My family is going in June and we usually grab a quick breakfast at Tomorrowland Terrace quickserve ares (my kids love the french toast sticks).

    Since they are remodeling this food area, is anywhere else in the park serving the breakfast items that they usually serve?


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    Re: Tomorrowland Breakfast??

    I dly don't kno but there are other places for breakfast such as village Haus and and river belle terrace and Minnies character breakfast
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    Re: Tomorrowland Breakfast??

    This was my favorite place for breakfast too. Sadly, no other counter service breakfast compares. I enjoyed the Pacfic Wharf in DCA for breakfast. The Carnation Cafe is yummy too, but its sitdown.
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    Re: Tomorrowland Breakfast??

    You can try Riverbelle Terrace in Frontierland for breakfast, including classic Mickey pancakes.

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    Re: Tomorrowland Breakfast??

    the village haus has the french toast sticks. i had them last week and they were delicious!!

    but side note we had our breakfast served to us bc this CM that worked there came up to us and asked if we wanted a magic we had our breakfast at the village haus served to us, silverware, free refills and all plus cookies and brownies as a surprise at the end. kind of random bc i thought maybe they were seeing if they should make it a sit down restaurant so i thought he'd give us a survey but it was just a random magic moment haha

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    Re: Tomorrowland Breakfast??

    Village Haus is offering the TT breakfast items during the refurb. I wouldn't be surprised if DLR is thinking about experimenting with some locations being table service during breakfast or dinner and counter service during lunch. WDW is experimenting with this concept. VH and Pizza Port would seem the most logical places to try this at DL.

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