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Wow, that's a 1st, I'm usually riding in on your coat-tails! Thanks. I liked the details in your post.

It's kind of funny to watch people reactions when they borrow my copy of Grimm's Fairy Tales. They come back really confused, or grossed out. And anyone who reads The Little Mermaid usually comes back completely depressed. There is this huge misconception that the Disney versions are just like the real ones. People have forgotten that fairy tales are dark, scary stories meant to frighten or scare people into good behavior by having extreme negative consequences for inappropriate behavior. They use extremes to drive home a lesson. The Boy Who Cried Wolf ended up getting eaten by the wolf. A boy. All because he lied. When you're little and you hear that story it really makes you not want to lie, ever... so you don't get eaten by a wolf.

Even I was surprised by the original version of The Frog Prince. Instead of the princess kissing the frog to break the spell, she gets angry and fed-up when he demands that she take him to bed with her so she picks him up and throws him against the wall and the impact with the wall breaks the spell.