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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    And at the beginning of the "Part of your World", but that doesn't really count, I guess.
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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    I've had 2 weeks to think about it, and I'm still mostly undecided. I LOVE watershows. I love the fountains and the lights and the music. I expected WoC to be more like the Bellagio-style show, where the water seems to 'dance' to the music. That isn't the case with WoC and at times the show seems confused about whether it wants the water to be the star or the film clips. The clips are another thing...I'd have preferred there was either some more cohesive theme or even no clips and just music and water/lights. The POTC bit was jarringly out of place among all the softer-themed animated clips. I would probably love POTC even if it were performed by sock puppets, but it didn't belong in the show. I won't go into a detailed review, it looks like that's been covered.

    I still liked it a lot and will see it again at some point but not until the hassle of viewing improves. We did the picnic box lunch with passes and also...the food was awful.

    I will post a few photos but really the ones already here are unbelievable. Well done, everyone! My poor photo skills and my little camera are almost embarrassed to be in the same thread!

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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    I just saw this show two nights ago for the first time. It was the night after the Sunday cancellation, so I was worried about the possible downtime that would have ruined my night. But, the show went on as scheduled.
    As soon as we arrived to the park, we went to get our FPs for the show and scored yellow section tickets.

    I haven't seen the show before, and I haven't kept up to date with the construction blogging, and the previews and the what-nots. I kept it as spoiler-free as possible... and let me tell you about what I thought of the show.

    - Everything.
    Everything from start to finish. I hear complaints from people about the smallest things that bug them, like the lack of a cut and clear story, or certain segments that bothered them. Honestly, I found it charming. Very charming.

    - Emotion.
    Although it uses a cheap tactic (like blasting the music really loud) to inject some emotion, I fell for it. I fell for their trickery. I smiled, I laughed, I awed, and I even cried. I cried when Simba calls out to his dead father in the dark. That segment tear'd me up real good, probably because of my poor relationship with my own father. I laughed when Heimlich got rained on (was there a different voice actor?), I smiled with excitement when Buzz was flying around, shooting at a non-animated Zurg with lasers flashing everywhere. I awed at every bit of the show, and I aww'd when the balloons started and you heard the incredibly sad theme from UP.

    - The Message.
    Some complain that there wasn't a story to this, and that they'd hoped there was a clear plot flow. But I don't think they needed a clear plot, or dialogue to tell a story. I don't know if anyone else got this, or if it's just me... but I think that they were telling a story about telling a story.
    They start the show with Ariel singing about fantasizing that she lived in another world. Then, they move onto falling in love, then creation, then plot movement, then heroism, then disaster, then love all over again.

    I could be wrong, this could be just a random assortment of songs and segments, but it told a story to me, and I think that's what's important.

    - the stupid bulb thing that shows you who, or what's supposed to be showing on the water... I think that's just unnecessary.

    Aaand, there you have it, my review.
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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    These are my fav from the officaial thread
    post # 125 Coastermatt
    post # 152 Kpcrone first and last pic
    post #159 Kebsd last pic
    post # 164 Hot sauce 1 pic #13
    post # 182 Snokletsmom first pic

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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    outstanding photos, what did you take them with?

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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    My votes for top pics would be:
    This one from kpcrone is a wonderful HDR and must have taken some work.

    This one from Mac Daddy has great emotion to it.

    This one from KEBSD really captured that moment well.

    For my own, I can't really decide because I have several of them that I love for different reasons. I will select this one because it seems to be the favorite on my flickr page and has by far the most views of all my WOC shots.

    If you are only counting pictures of the show itself and not the fountain show afterwards, then I would have to submit these three. I just can't decide.

    This one from Matthew Hanson is a beauty of an HDR.

    This one from Cohoteboy is a gem of a capture.

    I also like this one from Plagued.

    I think those are about it. I might have missed some, just by missing some pages. If I have missed anybody's, I apologize. There are some wonderful shots out there.
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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    All those pictures are so beautiful....all you guys are such amazing photographers

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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    I saw the show yesterday at the 9:00 showing in the Yellow section, in the soak zone. Direct front, holding onto the fence from the pure wet showers that came crashing down on the boardwalk. Okay, my review. Tryin' keep it short. (:

    What I liked:

    • Carnivale of Color - It's a really fun energetic pre-show that keeps you entertained for the rest of the waiting period. The puppets, the dancers, the puppeteers, the colors, the crowd participation was a real enjoyment that I personally think was a nice addition. If you don't see the 9:00 showing, you'll miss out on this. D:

    • The Wet Zone - A lot of people would usually say, don't go there, it won't be worth it, you won't be able to see the show because you'll be trying hard to block the water from crashing down on you. Personally, I LOVED the wet zone. I was up close to the fountains, I could see every laser on the platform, I was able to be part of the show, seriously, and the crowd there is hilarious when water hits the boardwalk. It's pure fun viewing the show there and I think it's worth getting wet from this amazing spectacle.

    • The Actors - The show itself was amazing to me, the colors, the selected scenes, the music, the projections, the lasers, the way they used the mist to create the lasers, and the wonderful fountains. The show is huge, I mean HUGE. I had to turn my head back and forth just to see everything but I liked looking straight onto the mist screen with the fountains surrounding it. It was amazing just from there. The usage of the lasers, they put it into full advantage. You have to see it in person to fully understand what I mean. I liked the way the characters became fountains. I thought it was a very creative part of the show that should have been done more. The Little Mermaid scene had this, but it stopped to quickly when it could have gone on longer. The Buzz Light Year scene contained this and I thought it was very cool. The Stampede wasn't really coming at me like it was expected to be which was a disappointment though.

    • The Transitions - Sometimes they aren't too clear to understand, but they work.

    What I didn't like:

    • The mist screens - They were big and all, but the images were unclear. It was almost too bright at times to even see what was being projected. Thank goodness for the domes.

    • The Princess Scene - I honestly thought it lacked creativity. There was really nothing going on here but tall fountains staying on position and kiss scenes. I would've liked to see a wider variety of princesses too, not just the regular Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, etc. There are other great princesses that need some love in the show!

    • The waiting areas - for the 10:15 and 11:15 showings, waiting in line, you can clearly see the show already. I remember a while back, I had a ticket for the blue section and was told to waiting next to Trattoria, the show was clearly visible there. I could hear the music, the fountains, everything! They should really put the areas somewhere where the people waiting will be able to be surprised when they finally see there showtime.

    I would give the show a 4.5. I don't necessarily a Disney Classic just yet, but it sure is amazing to see.
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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    Quote Originally Posted by Hot Sauce 1 View Post
    This one from KEBSD really captured that moment well.
    Thank you very much! All of your pictures are stunning as well. By the way, if anyone would like to see the full resolution of any of my pictures, just ask.

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