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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    This show is amazing, no words can describe it. I didn't take pictures or take video of it because they said it was strictly prohibited and since I was invited, I really didn't want to get that person in trouble. I honestly didn't see anyone else taking pictures either.

    Crowd Control - I honestly think they did the best they could as far as the CM's go. Leads didn't even know what was going on. But I had the 11:15 showing and by that time, their CC was great. We got to the third tier and viewing wasn't that bad (more on this later) and we got there with 10 minutes to spare. I really think they did a great job with what info they had, which looked like just about nothing.

    The Show - It's epic, that's really all I can say. The way they use the water and lights together, like another person posted, the mist they used in their favor. It's great. With the effects they used, during the show I kept wondering, how did they come up with that? Bravo to everyone who put this show together.

    Coming in I was torn on how I was going to feel about this show. One bit of advice, do NOT compare this to Fantasmic! It's not the same show.

    The scenes I really really liked was the Toy Story scene, Pocahontas and Chernabog. The Zerg laser animation was absolutely amazing and with Buzz zooming in and out, just really put the scene together. With Pocahontas, it really had to do with the landscape shots. Using the water walls and having it pan out and then focus on the waterfall was very creative. With Chernabog, I was really surprised to see some of the same scenes and song from Fantasmic! but it really turned out well. The mix between the red lights on the water fountains plus the fire looked great with his eyes in the back.

    There was one thing I found extremely odd with this show and I didn't like it and I'm talking about The Lion King scene. Out of all the scenes of the movie they showed the Mufasa death scene? WTF? Seriously? It really didn't do anything for the show and was extremely disappointed about that one. We all left wondering why they put it in there cause it killed the flow of the show.

    The last thing is, if you're in the upper tiers, I hope you're tall. You'll know what I mean when you get there.

    Besides that I have nothing else to complain about. It's a fantastic show, a great addition to not only DCA but the Disneyland Resort in general. Fantasmic! has big competition in regards to World of Color.
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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    I just watched World of Color tonight and here is my review:

    The show felt extremely forced and mashed together. There was no innovation except for the beginning and end. As for every Disney show, I expect a coherent story line with an introduction, complication, dark moment, epiphany, climax and resolution. World of Color does not deliver on this aspect. Instead of coming up with a story, the creators of the show decided to make it "World of Disney." There is no indication that they intended to make it a World of Color in any obvious way. The show is so focused on the projections that the water fountains are only there to assist the star of the show, the projections. After many months of hype and anticipation, World of Color does not deliver.

    But, from a technology standpoint, it is superior to any water show I've ever seen.

    Here are the 15 pictures:

    Flickr: BCC4321's Photostream

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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    Just for you PJ - the first 6 minutes of the show as recorded on Saturday night (not by me though):

    -"We can see a new horizon...built on all that we have done..and our dreams begin another thousand circles 'round the sun!"
    -- Epcot: Illuminations "Reflections of Earth"

    -"...Each dream that you chase, each wish you embrace can lead to a fabulous faraway place...!"
    --DCA: World Of Color

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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    Well I watched the second show on Sunday and stood in yellow.
    decent seats i mean standing area. Well my group and I made the mistake of lining up for the first show thinking it was our turn to watch haha DOH! wat can I say we where excited. Well it was a mess people everywhere and no one knew where to go, glad I got to leave. We waited in a line for the second show over by Grizzly then we got to PPk it was much more organized now seriously it was, and in our little area there was a lot of room left so we were able to move around.

    I loved the show it was amazing! I was a bit disappointed that The Little Mermaid got two of her songs in it and Pocahontas barely even sang. PIXAR fit into the show wonderfully and seemed to be what awed most people. I liked the small UP part cause of the ballon in the end; and I guess I'm in the minority here but I like the Lion King part and the Enchanted music seemed to fit in with the montage nicely. I also really liked how they used lasers on the water and omg the Zurg was awesome.
    Overall I really liked the show and the effects ,
    Well that's it sorry if it was a lot.
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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    just watched the CAST member Preview. Was so worth the wait and money they have spent on making it. didnt know you could do so many amazing things with water and lights it was amazing you must go see it

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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    ll throw this in as a mini-review:

    Go into World of Color expecting a revue, very similar to the structure of a firework show.

    Do not go in expecting BraviSeaMo or Fantasmic! It is not a story-based experience, and to go in with that expectation will leave you feeling flat.

    There is technical innovation, and it is dazzling. The best scenes are actually those which showcase the water fountains with screens as backup.

    I found the show better when I was in front. It is quite the soak zone, but the experience is just heads and shoulders better right in front.

    Overall, in it's current form, it relies too much on video projection and not enough on the fountains. It also runs a little long. I can see it being trimmed to 20 minutes to make the timing tighter and the pace brisker.

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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    world of color is a amazing show...i dont understand the negativity from the earlier post.nothing can describe the feeling i had watching the me,the nemo,and maybe the buzz lightyear segments wouldnt be missed if taken out....I was in the area by the golden zepher and it is not as bad as its been said it would be...bit of advice,if you are in the boardwalk area, you WILL get drenched....not like splash mountain or grizzly river run drenched...i mean like "being pushed into a pool" drenched. Amazing show,Awesome music....Also, the whole fastpass thing worked out smoothly,and so did the guest control...To me it did anyways.

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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    I saw the show last night and it was awesome!!! I have a few observations that are negative though. I was in the orange section with a buddy of mine and his wife and another friend. The girls in our party are both short like 5' 4" and the front railing was packed. So we were behind a wall of people, I could kinda see about three quarters of the lagoon. I was thinking to myself if we are having a problem seeing then the regular guest who come on the 11th will have a heck of a time seeing. The best viewing is dead front and center, which causes a problem. All guests should have a perfect view, but they don't. One positive thing is about half way through the show we felt the mist from the fountains. We were all the way in the back by that new red thingy by the parade route. The people in the front must have been getting allot more wet than us. And when the fire was going we could feel the heat and the people in the front must have felt it even more. One more gripe, why the heck do they have the trellis’s? The views are already blocked and hard to see as it is, why add a trellis with plants growing over it? I loved the show though... from what I could see
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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    I was fortunate enough to see the show at the 10:15 CM Preview last night (thank you for including me, you know who you are!). The show is simply breathtaking! I was in absolute awe the entire show. I must preface this with saying that the only spoilers I experienced before seeing the show were the ones in the Blue Sky Cellar.

    The Showpass system worked well. For Yellow section last night, we lined up alongside the Grizzly River Run trail on the rest room side. Our group was at the front of the line, which worked well for when it came time to select a section. The one annoying part was that people kept trying to get in line in front of us. Guest Control really should have signs that say line starts here with an arrow pointing to the back of the line. I can easily see people getting pissed off at guests trying to cut in line.

    We were moved up to the end of San Francisco just before we were let into Paradise Park. Guests with wheelchairs were allowed to enter the Park ahead of the rest of the group. We only had a wait a couple minutes before the wheelchairs were done. The transition from the line to the section was handled well. We were able to choose where we wanted to stand. I was grateful we were able to be at the railing for the show.

    We were all mesmerized by the Fun Wheel and the accompanying music. It was a great pre-show activity.

    The lights went out and the show began. For the first quarter of the show I could not believe what I was seeing! There are so many elements happening all at once, it is difficult to focus on one area for a long period of time. One CM had suggested that I wait until after the show to watch the "liquid ink". I was glad he gave a name to what would be seen throughout the show. It felt as though the colors on the water were there in preparation for painting the characters in the show.

    One effect that blew me away was the Glitter Layer. I kept trying to figure out how they created a second level of mist so far above the water. Yes, Zurg was cool, and the fire was hot. The one scene that took my breath away was the forest in Pocahontas. It really felt as though the audience was going to be taken into the forest. The scope of the effect was probably my favorite part of the show.

    The misting the audience gets during the show was tolerable. If you don't want to get wet, go to the uppermost tier. There were times when I thought that the fountains in the planter was going to soak us, but the stream of water was well controlled.

    My Tips for World of Color:

    • Be prepared to wait. Know that it will be a part of the experience and that the show is worth the effort.
    • Bring a book, game, newspaper, etc to keep yourself occupied while waiting.
    • Have a towel or blanket to sit on in the line. The ground is not all that comfortable. It does beat standing the whole time though.
    • I am going to echo what Dusty said: Bring your best attitude. Lots of people cramped in small areas will be much more manageable if you have a positive attitude.
    • Definitely stay for the post-show! There is still a "liquid ink" sequence after the main show ends.
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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    ^ Loved the glitter effect too! I was also in the 10:15 yellow...Saw the show last night and it was amazing. For the most part I thought the whole thing was organized. All the different colored groups that you are assigned had different lines around Grizzly Rapids and the pier. We were in yellow so we stood on the backside of Grizzly. Red was along the route between Grizzly and Redwood Creek Challenge. Another color was along the walkway between the winery and the Pacific Wharf area. We just went to our assigned line (which they told us where it would be when we picked up our fastpass) and waited. Yellow was the section just left of the play water area in the Paradise Park. We stood on the middle section and had a great seat. We didn't think we would get wet, but we still did...that wasn't fun. But the show was incredible. I stayed away from spoilers and videos so I could just enjoy it from a fresh perspective. The creativity of the dancing water and lights was incredible. The only thing I struggled with was that sometimes it was hard to see the videos projected on the water screens...not always, but there were a few times, that it wan't clear or it cut of the tops of the video. I am so excited I got to see the show. I can't wait to go with hubby and kids to see it. I think they will love it. I loved how they incorporated Pixar movies in with all the Disney Classics. Music was was fun having all they different theme songs played. I thought that the Chernbog (sp?) part was just a repeat of what happens in Fantasmic..nothing special there...but the fire was cool!
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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    Saw the 11:15 cast preview last night. Imagine the Bellagio Fountains on steriods--times 10. A solid 9.5.

    Hint--the gold section winds over the bridge to the upper deck of Ariel's. Because of the off-center view, some of the projections are not clear--seen from the side.

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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    So tonight I was treated by two great friends to the preview performance of The World of Color. I had high hopes that this show would top or at least come close to the brilliance that is Fantasmic. Sadly, I have to say it didn't even come close. Some may argue that you can't compare the two, but even on it's own merits, it was only mediocre. It was like a new version of the old water show at the Disneyland Hotel on crack. From the start it didn't grab you. Instead of opting for a grand entrance (ala Fantasmic light beam to space) it begin with a few fountains and the old soundtrack to the tv show World of Color. This was not the best way to get anyones attention. Though it did pick up once the new theme song kicked in. What it needed was some fireworks, a pirate ship with dueling Hook and Pan, etc. . . Instead it showed us the same projections on mist as Fantasmic. They couldn't come up with something new? Whomever created Fantasmic, The Lion King parade, The Beauty and the Beast stage show, etc. . . needs to be brought back in cause Disneyland entertainment has gone down hill from there.

    However, I did enjoy the title song sequences and the Pocahontas bit. Also had a very nice meal and tons of great conversation.


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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    I will have to disagree with all the negative posts. I got to see the show last night as will at 10:15 and it had me hooked from beginning to finish. I was in complete awe of the show. I was watching it thinking many times, I didn't know water could do that! and there is a story or rather stories hence the different sections. It all has to do with magic of the heart, imagination, etc. I was completely blown away by the entire show. I was standing in the blue section on the boardwalk and everyone around me had huge smiles and their faces and tears in their eyes. Yes you can't compare it to F! because they are two different shows but i do not think one is better than the other and I am a huge fan of fantasmic and have been seeing it since i was in fourth grade back in 1994 and love it. But this new show is so amazing its hard to find the words. Hardley mediocre, maybe if you were talking about bellagio which this show is not!!! but i find that most reviews that talk badley about woc compared with F! are actually coming from many people who work on the crew of F! :P

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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    To best describe my love for this show...I'm going to start with two status updates from last night.

    Before the show I saw, when the show before ours was going: First WoC show....I can't see anything, but the first minute of music alone gave me chills. This is gonna be good.

    After the show: Best show I have ever seen. I cried. I can't stop shaking. Best. Disney. Show. Ever. That is why I love Disney. Lovelovelooooveee. So many chills.

    I'm not exagerating. I'm just getting the chills thinking about it right now. I wasn't sure if it was going to beat Fantasmic, which I absolutely adored. It kicked Fantasmic in the face, jumped on it, squashed it like a bug, and did an irish jig on its remains. It was THAT GOOD.

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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)


    I just got home from seeing WOC at the KOST/MyFM party. I have been given permission by Dusty to post video, so I will. If you don't want to see it don't click.

    I'm going to break it up into chunks and post each part individually, and my review will come at the end.

    Everything will be placed in this post, so check back soon.

    Before I forget though, a VERY special thanks to the WOC fairy for giving me a ticket. I greatly appreciate it.

    A few technical notes:
    1. This was filmed with a Nikon Coolpix P100 CAMERA using the HD video mode. It is a digital camera, not a video camera. I have been testing this camera and one of its limitations is the ability to focus accurately on fountains. I learned this while filming Fantasmic a few days ago. To try to get at least moderately decent quality I had to use it in fixed focus mode. This means I focused on an object before the show started, and that focus was used throughout.
    2. I tried to hold as still as possible, but there are some parts where I had to move around.

    Part 1 -
    [ame=""]YouTube- WOC 1080 HD 06-08-10 Part 1.avi[/ame]

    Part 2 -
    [ame=""]YouTube- WOC 6-08-10 Part 2.mp4[/ame]

    Part 3 -
    [ame=""]YouTube- WOC 6-08-10 Part 3.mp4[/ame]

    Part 4 -
    [ame=""]YouTube- WOC 6-08-10 Part 4.mp4[/ame]

    Part 5 -
    [ame=""]YouTube- World of Color 1080 HD 6-8-10 Part 5 Bug's Life / POTC.avi[/ame]

    Part 6 (click to play it) -

    Part 7 (click to play) -

    I am re-editing everything right now so there will only be three vids and they will all be 1080 HD. They will all be uploaded to SmugMug.

    Review -

    I have read many reviews, so there's not much point in retyping the same things. I would like to emphasize a few points though.

    From a technology standpoint, the show is amazing. It would be extremely difficult to find any fault with it, with the possible exception of the blurry center projections. The show is pure eye candy of the yummiest variety.

    The show is worthy of repeat viewing, multiple times. I plan to see it from the bridge, the wet zone, and the Golden Zephyr viewing areas at least once. If you're seeing it for the first time, my opinion is that farther back is better.

    I do have one negative comment. Disney takes a cheap shot towards the end by trying to manipulate the viewers' emotions. If they wanted to use The Lion King, "Be Prepared" would have been a perfect choice. Instead of wildebeasts rushing towards us it could have been hyenas marching. It could have been awesome instead of tacky.

    WOC is worth a trip to DCA. WOC brings DCA one step closer to being a stand alone theme park, rather than a waiting room or consolation prize for Disneyland.
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