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    Post World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    Welcome to the Summer of color. There is little doubt that World of Color will consume lots of energy around here this Summer and we hope you'll make MiceChat the place where you'll post your honest reviews, tips, and photos.

    This thread is for reviews, photos and tips only. If you have comments about the reviews posted here, please follow this link to the World of Color general discussion thread:
    World of Color Discussions - (Official Thread)

    Warning, this thread may contain spoilers! Turn away now if you don't want to see photos or hear reviews.

    Whether you experience World of Color first hand or only see it online, we are glad you have chosen MiceChat as your news source.

    A Few Tips To Help You Secure a Spot and Enjoy The World of Color:

    • Seating is extremely limited. If you arrive without a plan, you aren't like to secure a spot.
    • Option 1 - Make a WoC dining package reservation ($36.99 per person at Ariel's Grotto or $39.99 per person at Wine Country Trattoria), you'll get dinner and a viewing spot for the show. Call 714-781-3463 to secure your World of Color dining package.
    • Option 2 - Book a Box lunch reserved spot. Buy a box lunch and receive reserved seating for World of Color (1st show of the night). Boxed lunch can be purchased online, Disneyland Resort | Welcome To The Magic! You may be able to buy a limited number of the picnic lunch boxes at the park on the day of the show which come with reserved tickets to the 2nd showing of the night. Walk-up purchase can be made at the Sonoma Terrace of the Golden Vine Winery for $14.99 (special passholder rate is $12.99). The World of Color picnic boxes offer an assortment of options:
      All American:

      • Cold-honey stung fried chicken
      • Green and red cabbage cole slaw with apple cider dressing
      • Old fashioned potato salad with sweet onions and dill relish
      • Apple pie
      • Choice of bottled Coca-Cola® product or Dasani® water

      European Antipasto:

      • Cured meats, regional cheese, pepperoncini, artichoke heart and sun-dried tomatoes
      • Carr's® water crackers, balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil
      • Caprese salad skewers, fresh mozzarella and baby heirloom tomatoes
      • Chocolate-dipped tiramisu
      • Choice of bottled Coca-Cola® product or Dasani® water

      Taste of Asia

      • Chilled miso-glazed salmon, Asian greens, soy-rice wine dressing
      • Vegetable spring roll with Thai mango sauce
      • Soba noodle salad and julienne vegetables with sesame dressing
      • Mandarin orange cake
      • Choice of bottled Coca-Cola® product or Dasani® water

      Mediterranean Vegetarian:
      • Marinated grilled vegetables in a whole wheat wrap with roasted garlic hummus
      • Raw zucchini and squash spaghettini with first-press lemon-infused olive oil
      • Vegetable couscous with toasted coriander vinaigrette
      • Lemon layer cake
      • Choice of bottled Coca-Cola® product or Dasani® water
    • Option 3 - If you'd rather not buy a dining experience to secure tickets, you can also pick up a Fastpass. Arrive at opening and get a Fastpass from the machines at Grizzly River Rapids. Don't expect these to last for very long. You should be prepared to do this immeadiately upon park opening.
    • Option 4 - If you don't mind a severely limited view, wait for the 2nd or 3rd showing and attempt to watch the show from the bridge near Ariel's Grotto Restaurant. You might also watch the show from behind near Midway Mania, the Sun Wheel, or even on the side by Silly Symphony Swings. You won't see as much or experience the show as it was intended, but you will get a sense of the size and scope of the show and see some pretty fountains.
    • Spots nearest the Golden Zephyr offer the most restricted viewing experience. Gravitate toward the water play fountain in the center of the stadium or even up toward the upper levels of the stadium. Boardwalk viewing is more immersive and WET (especially toward the right hand side of the boardwalk - as you are facing the lagoon)
    • Be prepared to queue up for hours before your show time.
    • Although only 2 shows may be on the schedule, keep your ears open for an added 3rd show. It will be added on busy nights and may be your best shot at viewing the show.
    • Be prepared for VERY busy conditions. This may well prove to be a packed and uncomfortable crowd situation. Pack your best attitude and just go with the flow. There is no use fighting a mob, you'll only succeed in ruining your own evening and possibly that of others. If it isn't important to see the show as soon as it opens, you may wish to wait until later this Summer.
    • We we will add additional tips as reports filter in from our readers

    MiceChat is a discussion board, we are counting on you to let the world know the real scoop on World of Color, not the marketing spin that other sites are already spewing. Please be fair and honest and offer suggestions for any flaws you find in the experience.

    Remember, this thread is for
    photos and reviews of the World of Color show only. Please keep all discussion of the show here: World of Color Discussions - (Official Thread)

    Are you looking for MiceChat's coverage of the World of Color Celebrity
    World of Color Special Coverage - And Celebrity Blue Carpet Event

    Enjoy your Summer of Color!
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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    I guess I'll do the threads first review? It's going to be short and sweet as I'm on a dying iPod touch.

    I just saw the show tonight at the Imagineering Preview. I'll be the first to say that this show is a winner. Here's my two reasons:

    1. This show tugs on every emotion humanly possible. It made me laugh, it made me cry, happy, name it, it happened. It's one of those things Disney does best.

    2. Based off reviews of the show Halloween Screams, most people liked it for it's effects rather than it's music. Since Screams gets a lot of positive reviews around MC, it's great for me to point out that WoC has both the effects and music. I couldn't lay my eyes on one thing, there is so much going on, it just makes you take a deep breath and say "wow, did that just happen!?"

    I don't know what else to say, but thank you Steve Davison and you're hard working crew for bringing this spectacle in front of me, it's a true beauty. Oh, and epic LAZERZURG!!!!!

    I'm gonna end this with a random rant and Spoiler FAQs that have been constantly asked about the show.

    Rant: To everyone seeing the show June 11th, or anytime within the next few months...GOOD LUCK. It was hard enough navigating around 1500 drunken Imagineers and their families (I mean that in a good way....kinda) I couldn't imagine what it'd be like packed like a sarden with ~3500 other guests. This is where I think the WoC fastpass will really help. It really will help traffic flow a lot smoother around the area.


    -The oringinal Alice scene is cut, but Alice and Chester Cat do make an appearence in the finale.

    -The chernabog structure is not used, but won't be forgotten.

    -Little Squirt has been cut from the show, BUT! does make an appearence in the end, look out for him.

    -The "encore" music is the Pop Version of WoC that was heard in Steve's presentations in the Blue Sky Celar.

    -The oringinal Sherman Brothers song is at the beginning of the show.

    -I viewed the show from the second tier (closest to the broadwalk). Use the projector houses in the middle of the show platform to pick the best viewing (if you can depending on how the assigned seating pans out.) Basically I stood where the programming trailers were, but in the second tier, got the front mist screen and the three back ones right dead center of you. (I would recommend the third or fourth tier though, for the lighting effects and fontain effects that take place in PPk)
    --it was a bit brezzy out, and I still barely got wet. It's a fine mist that sprays over you and it actually feels kinda nice (from the second tier). The broadwalk was drenched after the show, but everyone managed to walk off fine, no one drenched.
    ---they do make an announcement before the show that the people close to the bay will get wet, and if you want to relocate, find the nearest CM.

    -The viewing area fountains are in the show.

    -Mickeys fun wheel is in the show, and used like how the castle is in DL fireworks.

    -The globes in the viewing area do not change colors.

    I'm sure I missed a few, but that's all I can't come up with.

    Enjoy. And i'm sorry in advance if this review was butchered by crappy spelling. (iPod touch)

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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    okay, i saw the show tonight, and here is my review.

    i was standing at the 2nd tier as well, one up from the boardwalk area, we DID get drizzle but honestly it was not bad at all. i didn't take any pictures or video. i wanted to enjoy the show as a spectator and not as a journalist, sorry, but i'm sure there will be plenty of pics here soon : P i just didn't want to worry about getting the good shot and not pay attention to the little details. several WDI execs were there, including Bob Weis (didn't see Tony Baxter), George Kali-whatever (sorry, lol), and Steve Davison (correct?) was there to say a little something before the show started. Mary Niven also spoke and asked to please not record the show so it won't affect marketing, lol, she said, and i quote, "please put your iphones away." joke's on her! i don't have one! XD

    SPOILERS are everywhere!!:

    the absolute best and most impressive part for me was Buzz Lightyear vs. Zurg. the lasers are so amazing, especially when Zurg is brought from the back to the front. it was simply incredible!

    other effects i liked, during the little mermaid sequence, they had a laser effect that looks like the water line, and it was rising as if the audience was being submerged. very cool effect, and there were so many bubbles, lol.

    the sequence of the genie and never had a friend like me was a lot of fun. the whole new world was cool in how they used Mickey's Fun Wheel as a starry background.

    Pirates of the Caribbean pyro was awesome, and blinding! lol, a powerful scene.


    the stampede scene was not as cool as i thought it would be.

    the "emotional" parts of the show weren't honestly that emotional, it was nice seeing Dumbo up there, and it was very cool seeing Carl's house rise with balloons, i'm glad Up was included, it deserves to be... but for me, it didn't tug on my heart strings.

    the projections were honestly not as clear as i thought it would be. my assumption is that water is flying all over the place so it may cause the blur. you can tell what was happening, but sometimes all the layers of water made it difficult to tell what was going on. Dr. Facilier made a quick appearance but people can easily miss it.

    not enough WOW moments. very few, but i think they could have pushed it.


    it was a very enjoyable show, i did like it. and thinking about all the work that went into it just made me appreciate it more. you can tell people worked their butts off to make this show happen. it is a WONDERFUL addition to DCA. i'm very happy that the park has something of this magnitude. BUUUUTT.... i will flat out say that i prefer Fantasmic! WoC doesn't necessarily have that classic Disney feel. could it be the modern feel to it? maybe. but it felt like it was missing a little something. nit pickers like me may say "it was good, not 100% there." but as for the average tourist, i think they will love the show.

    some parts felt unnecessary. there's the scene of Finding Nemo where Dory tries talking to the whale and it comes from behind them. i didn't really need to watch a clip of that movie on water. the Subs are right across the way. i know how cool Night on Bald Mountain is, it's great in Fantasmic! and great in WoC, but it's already in F!, did it really have to hop across the way?

    i won't mention any names, but after the show my friend at WDI and i asked other imagineers what they thought of the show and every answer fell along the same lines as our thoughts. we heard "it was good" and "it was alright" but everyone had that look and pause where they wanted to say "buuuttttt..."

    i will not call it a flop, because it definitely is not one. it is a great experience and i DO recommend it to every visitor.

    also, the end was cool. lasers spelled out a stationary "World of Color." i thought it was a nice touch.

    OH, and this was called a dress rehearsal. so they may add or subtract a few things, you never know. but in no way did the show feel like something didn't work. it felt like the real show.

    out of a 10... i would give it a 6.5 or 7

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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    I was also at the WDI preview, I was standing on the boardwalk between the last two light towers, not the best view but I was kinda stuck there.

    Anyway, to be fair I'm going to reserve complete judgement of the show until I can see it again from a better view, I'll just describe my experience from my angle.

    Now to start, WoC is huge and standing on the boardwalk it felt like you were in the middle of the show, the fountains tower above your head and splash down just short of landing right on you, so make no mistake if your down there YOU WILL GET WET, there are a few scenes that were wetter than others, the Toy story-Buzz/Zurg battle being one of them but don't worry you will almost be totally dry after the Hellfire scene. Hellfire was awesome, the heat from the flames actually hurt my face, being that close really was an incrdible experience.
    Now that being said, the experience did come with a few sacrifices, I couldn't really see the forward screen and at times you can tell your missing something but, have no idea what it is. For a better view of the show your gonna want to be further back so you can take it all in

    Overall it was a great experience and I did enjoy the show but... I walked away a little disapointed in what I could see, some of the scenes were very familiar, like I had seen them before on the ROA

    So ultimatly I'm torn on the show, the tech side of the show is huge and amazing, there just feels like somethings missing, maybe I'll loose that feeling after I see the show again, so once I do I will be sure to post again.

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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    Just got back from DCA. And WoC is absolutley amazing! To preserve the anticipation for the show, no video recording and picture taking was allowed.

    I got in the Yellow section, which was the middle of Paradise Park, this provides a great view.

    The show was amazing from intro to end! The favorite part of the show for me was the villians scene. From Pirates to the Stampede, I was on the edge of my toes (I never imagined what it was like to actually be there with all that fire going off) The Chernabog scene right now is actually better than what was anticpated.

    The most interesting scene was the finale. After a certain cat makes his appearence, it bascially shows you what you've seen in the show. A very well done finale.

    Be sure to stick around for the exit music. The fountains remain on until the exit music ends.

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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)


    The end.
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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    Ok! I love love love this show! Just got back form the first CM preview. But lemme just rant before I review the show.


    I don't know who was in charge of GC and who made the final decisions, but I really want to beat the hell out of them! First of all when I got my fast pass, I was very disappointed that I got the blue section, after seeing all the charts I thought it would be a horrible angle. I heard a lot of people saying that there was going to be a holding area in HPB, so thats where me and my bf went. Well when we got there, there wasn't any waiting area. So we went to PPk and asked around. Apparently there was no queue at all! And also that they completely did a backflip and changed all the colors around so now blue was the best area to see the show. Well me and my bf waited around PPk for hours waiting for more information! Every CM I asked had something different! Finnally some people were queuing up in front of the blue area, and not on CM said anything so everyone thought it was ok. Well after waiting there for 40 mins, they said we had to clear the area. Well then we heard another CM say that there was going to be a queue and others saying there wasn't! It was soooooooo confusing and frustrating! They seriously expected all of us to leave the area and come back at 9! They seriously didn't want anyone queuing up! Did they seriously not think that people would queue up on their own to get the best spot?!?!??! They were LITERALLY changing their minds every 5 mins! We were one of the first people waiting in PPk, and were one of the last people to get into the park for that section! It was infuriating! They didn't have one set plan set in stone! Even the CMs working it said they changed ALL the plans at the very last second. Everyone was very angry! Not only that the paper they gave everyone siad they would start letting people in 1 1/2 hours early(that would have meant 8:30) They didn't start letting people in until around 9:15. Well we ended up not getting great seats. We were in the 3rd tier right in front of the trellis and behind one of the vaults. It was a very obstructed view! Not only that, I asked if I could go to the boardwalk and they said it was full! And there was still room for at least another 300 people! Anyways that's about the end of my rant. Now for my review of the show itself.


    The beginning was great! I love how the PP sign on screamin went out. Pretty funny. I also loved how they integrated MFW into the intro. The intro was great, but they played it very low. I don't know why, but it would have been better louder. The projections are VERY big! They project on anything! I loved how they used the lazers! There was a part at the beginning the lazers followed the fountains and left trails! It was and AMAZING effect! I cried a lot during the show(I'm very emotional). There were so many effects I loved!

    I personally didn't like the mist screens at all! I actually think they should have projected only on fountains! It looks best and vibrant and magical! The mist screens just homogenized
    everything and made the images look blurry. I also was expecting the images to be brighter. They were pretty dim. Did I mention how much I loved the lazers?? I didn't really care for the PoC scene at all! I actually hated it! My favorite scene was DEFINITELY Spring sprite/Pocahontas! It was such a beautiful scene! Also I thought the projection domes were POINTLESS! They were ok when used right, but there were times when it projected the same things on the mist screens, and made it looks really tacky! They used a lot more projection on fountain fall out than I thought! And I liked it that way. Ummm from where I saw it I couldn't see anything. Mostly had to look up! Couldn't even see what was going on in the waterline(where a lot of stuff is happening). My suggestion, go to the back, I think you would get a more epic feel from there.

    Overall an amazing show with some eh eh parts. This is definitely on my list to see over and over again! But I still think fastpass is a COMPLETE fail! At least from my experience. Of course they'll improve it by the time it opens, but I still don't like the system AT ALL! Great show though! Thanks to all the people who worked on bringing this show to life! You are truly appreciated! Even if you were the CM that had to stand at the base of the mist screens getting soaked LOL.

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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    I agree that I'm impressed that they absolutely project on ANYTHING. They use the mist to their advantage in ways I never thought of.

    Hopefully guest control will be better in the future and they will use the preview as a way to learn their mistakes with your group.

    FutureImagineer, where was the blue section for you? It was planned to be the side of the park near Zephyr. But they changed it? Or maybe a confused CM forgot which section it is? I hope they don't change things. They've already made all attractons Pier CMs go through 2 classes. If they change info I'd be just as confused as those CMs if I ever work it.

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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    Quote Originally Posted by Krillinish View Post
    I agree that I'm impressed that they absolutely project on ANYTHING. They use the mist to their advantage in ways I never thought of.

    Hopefully guest control will be better in the future and they will use the preview as a way to learn their mistakes with your group.

    FutureImagineer, where was the blue section for you? It was planned to be the side of the park near Zephyr. But they changed it? Or maybe a confused CM forgot which section it is? I hope they don't change things. They've already made all attractons Pier CMs go through 2 classes. If they change info I'd be just as confused as those CMs if I ever work it.
    Yup, the switched all the colors around at the last minute. I think they're going to do that will all shows. I think that's what Al meant by random.

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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    Quote Originally Posted by Krillinish View Post
    I agree that I'm impressed that they absolutely project on ANYTHING. They use the mist to their advantage in ways I never thought of.

    Hopefully guest control will be better in the future and they will use the preview as a way to learn their mistakes with your group.

    FutureImagineer, where was the blue section for you? It was planned to be the side of the park near Zephyr. But they changed it? Or maybe a confused CM forgot which section it is? I hope they don't change things. They've already made all attractons Pier CMs go through 2 classes. If they change info I'd be just as confused as those CMs if I ever work it.
    ehhhh, i dont think guest control did too bad. they did get the first 10:00 out and away in 15 min... then get all the 11:15 in in 15 mins. How many ppl were there? id guess a good 4000 ppl? Why the long delay for the second show, im really curious.

    I think tonight was just a how to get ppl in test. I think it worked out nicely though sitting by the winery watching it from that end made everything sad for me.
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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    Got to watch it in the yellow section for the 11:15 showing... i got placed in the tier right above the "wet zone", even though i still did get some mist. The show started a couple minutes late, which caused some of the cast members to get antsy. Right from the very beginning, i was at a loss of words, all i could say in my head was, "Am i really watching this right now?" The colors blended with the music to bring pure emotion. Along with what had been shown in the youtube videos, i was relieved to see more characters in the show.

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    Thumbs up Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    Saw the show last night at the 10pm cast preview. WARNING: spoilers in this post so please skip over it if you want to be surprised on 6/11 or later.

    The Queue:
    Since Saturday night's preview was a free-form setup for Imagineers and their families, last nights was truly the first time DCA ran a full load-test on the Paradise Park viewing area, the fastpass (showpass?) system, and guest control setups. Unfortunately, they're off to a rocky start. Our fastpass (picked up at 6pm) was for the blue section and we were instructed to return between 9 and 9:30 (it was explicitly written that LATE AND EARLY ARRIVALS WOULD NOT BE ACCOMMODATED). Knowing just about everyone would queue up early, we headed over at 8:30 to the Bay to stake things out. Turns out we had the right idea. It was wall-to-wall people looking for their section. I saw Mary Niven and VP John Storbeck hanging out. Also saw Steven Davidson hanging out by Laod Bhang's pin cart. The cast members/guest control really was disorganized. Ropes were up but no one could tell us where to queue up for our sections. We were sent first over to the right of the lighthouse, then to the left, and finally over onto the PP bridge. When the queue started moving into Paradise Park they had one security CM and 2 crowd control CMs checking fastpasses but the sheer mass of people entering quickly overwhelmed them. They definitely need a more concise system. There was a group next to us ticketed for yellow and had no idea they had been in the wrong line for over an hour. They had to turn around and make their way to the other side of the park. At first we thought the blue colored flashlights the CMs were carrying denoted the blue section but it appears that ALL the flashlights are blue. So after we got past the checkpoint and surrendered our passes we were guided down an amazingly complex rope system to our viewing area. Lots of turns and double-backs right next to other queues that lead to totally different parts of P.Park. We stopped just to the left (facing the bay) of the large in-ground fountain and watched the show from there.

    The Show:
    It started about 5 minutes late. The first thing I noticed about the show wasn't actually the visuality of it, but the sound. The audio system they use is the best I've ever heard for a live themepark show. The speaker towers they installed in front, on the sides, and behind P. Park create a truly 3-D audio experience. I was extremely impressed. The second thing I noticed was the copious use of lasers both emitted from the rear projection barges and from beneath within the fountain system itself. Some use fixed-point lenses to create really stunning effects at very specific locations/points in space on each fountain. For instance, during the "part of your world" sequence that immediately follows the opening they use lasers to create a rolling sea over the entire audience (that actully undulates). Amazing! And during the EAC section they create a laser "tube" and project fish and turtles within it. Incredible! During the Zurg v Buzz battle, Zurg himself is comprised entirely out of lasers (in many different colors). I've never seen a better laser effect used to create an "actor" before. It's extremely fluid and doesn't appear at all "segmented" like laser characters from yesteryear.

    The transitions from scene to scene are extremely well done, for instance, the quick Toy Story scene re-plays the first time Buzz and Woody are introduced (from Toy Story 1). Buzz pushes his wing button and goes through his sequence about flying and just as he bends down to "take off" for the first time, he's replaced with a tall fountain (right over where his projection was) to segue into the next sequence. Speaking of projections and fountains, the show's infrastructure is staggering. I counted no fewer than 8 (possibly 10) of the largest water screens imaginable (3 in back, 1 or 2 on each side about mid way up) and 3 in front. These are instrumental in creating what really sets this show apart from others (like Fantasmic!): it's dimensionality. With so many water screens they can really create a depth-of-field on the Bay unlike anything I've ever seen before. It has a very "multi-plane camera" feel to it and is VERY impressive to see in person.

    The Wall-E and Villains sequences are probably the most memorable. Laser-comets everywhere, planet orbs, and wall-e and eve darting from one end of the bay to the other. Really a sweeping sequence. The stampede sequence wasn't as visually appealing as I though it would be but Mufasas death is very jarring, mainly because it's so in-your-face LOUD. No complaints from me - I actually didn't think it commanded enough attention from the audience but after hearing 10,000 watts full of Mufasa's "death yell" (you know the one...) I changed my mind. Another highlight is the "hellfire" sequence. It takes place after the Night on Bald Mountain sequence (which is basically a vastly expanded version of the Fantasmic one with LOTS more footage of Chernabog). Very powerful with LOTS of isobar flames (probably 20+). The entire P. Park can feel the heat (as expected), which is a nice break from getting dusted with a fine mist for most of the show. The villains sequence segues into the "love" finale (featuring beauty and the beast, snow white, etc) which in turn segues into the Amy Grant finale to close the show. Finally, it actually pays to stay put through the exit queue music because the fountains remain on and "dance" to what I chalked up as the Dance Mix version of the WoC theme. Nice touch, IMO.

    Unfortunately, absent from the show were the Dr. Facilier and Alice sequences (which makes me wonder why it's not been removed from the official website) although the Cheshire cat does make a quick appearance during the finale. Also, there are fountains in the planters throughout paradise park that are lit and activate during the show. The large fountain does NOT activate, however (presumably since people are permitted to stand on it to watch the show).

    All-in-all, I thought it was a most excellent addition to DCA and will be seeing it again on 6/11. Now the pressing question: Is it better than Fantasmic? Honestly, the show is so different from Fantasmic its a tough comparison. I feel FAN! is the more timeless of the two shows but then again it has nearly 2 decades under its belt. WoC is literally in its infancy. So my honest answer is that I think they're both evenly matched. I actually don't prefer one over the other and hope I never will. In short, Fantasmic! has gone unchallenged for 18 long years. Until now. Park guests finally have some choice in their nighttime entertainment at DLR, and that's something we can all be happy about.

    If you have any specific questions about the show, please post them and I'll do my best to fill you guys in!
    Last edited by AP2CM; 06-07-2010 at 08:07 AM.
    -"We can see a new horizon...built on all that we have done..and our dreams begin another thousand circles 'round the sun!"
    -- Epcot: Illuminations "Reflections of Earth"

    -"...Each dream that you chase, each wish you embrace can lead to a fabulous faraway place...!"
    --DCA: World Of Color

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    Thumbs up Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    Went as a guest last night for the 11:15 show. Picked up FastPasses for 'Red' and told to report back to queue up, way back by GRR by 1hr prior.
    Nothing do do between 9p and 10:15 report time, so we just meandered around Condor Flats (nothing was open). Kept trying to ask misc GC CMs as we saw them, a few questions about what was going on. That went nowhere.
    When finally we got up and walking towards the area, it was a slow slog into PP. Lotsa manager / salaried types lining the walk ways and smilling broadly. My FP ticket was checked just once. We ended up being sent into an area towards Zeypher (which I wasn't terribly happy about, as I'm a big sound geek and someone had told me last week, try to not end up down that way. Oh well). All through the area though it was smaller roped off areas but the standing around is pretty free form. It might get sticky when the Summer crowds show up and people trying to jostle for so called prime positioning. Who knows. Disabled areas were down front.
    When it came to leave (major drag), everyone was herded back around towards GCH and GRR........ and along the train in front as they were loading in Glow Fest stuff (presumably). This whole process took quite a while. GAhhhhh.
    Random thoughts mixed with things overheard ....
    -- The three main colored sections will be always changing. So no griping about "I got this FP section and not that one" (I think this will turn out to be a great idea), or holy gaucamol Mildred we didn't make it over to the machines first thing this morning to get a FP, or even, well we'll just semi camp out kinda near over here and try and hustle on in come load in.
    -- Someone noted that there's only one type/color of flashlight. Uhn, nope. There are ones for each and every section. It helps to navigate on who's going where.
    -- That said, I forsee quite a lot of guest complaints. What they're trying to do on getting whatever 1000's of people placed into all these smaller roped areas, *appears* pretty confused and there's going to be some major whining. Ya just know it. Sidenote hot tip to GC: please do not use the phrase "You there, you have to exit promptly!". It came off pretty obnoxious.
    -- Even the slightest breeze will seemingly throw off some of the effects.
    The luckiest viewers will be there on a super clear still night. That'll really blow your socks off.
    -- I was 2nd tier up and there were plenty of misty moments (but none that I felt like I was getting officially rained on).
    -- Most of the effects are just spectacular. I saw so many things that really impressed. Cloud type formations, creeping fog, pixie dusty stuff sparkling up in the air, ginormous fan screens, interesting shapes and configurations.... is all just the beginning. So much going on at all times. And the fountain colors are just pristine and the sound system *great*. Wow all around!!
    -- The fire stuff at several moments pretty much drys any moisture off your face. Tee Hee. This effect kicks the pants off of anything Murphy over at F! can offer.
    -- HONesTly, I really truly do not think that the best viewing needs to be anywhere *near* the boardwalk... and you don't need to be dead center perspective. You actually need to be a good distance back from the "bay" to appreciate the picture/view as a whole... and to take in all that is occuring across what is a pretty wide expanse.
    Can't wait to go back, pays my money and takes me chances in a week or so... and see how this is all panning out plan wise.
    Whatta show. Whatta Summer it's gonna be.

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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    Much like FutureImagineer, I was on hand last night for the preview at 10 pm and the guest control was a complete cluster. CMs had no idea where people should go and at one point we were directed to go over to the RiverRapids because that was were "YELLOW" was to line up. Nothing over there obviously. We waited in a mass of people which was followed by another mass of people with CMs shouting "Red is down at the end" or "Yellow is in the middle". Who the heck knew which is the middle or the end?? Not even some of the CMS. PLUS to top it off there were way more vendors who knew nothing over Guest control. When we finally did find the yellow section there wasnt just one line but 2 lines. One was very structured the other just a mass of people shoving their way in to the area. We waited in both but never got close to getting any further in than the spot we were standing.

    From what I saw they at least lined up the 11pm people which seemed to be at least a step in the right direction. Why they didnt do this for the first show is beyond me.

    The show itself is good. I didn't think it was super amazing but I did enjoy it. I did find the "scary" section a little too depressing since it involves a specific death of a specific character. I also thought the flow of the show was a little off and it may have dragged a bit. Otherwise its completely entertaining and visually STUNNING.

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    Re: World of Color Reviews and Photos - (OFFICIAL THREAD)

    This show was AMAZING!!! Just wait until you see it! It was incredible.

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