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    Known Indy Changes

    Hey everyone,

    Does anyone know all of the changed made to Indy over the past few days? I know they did cleaning and stuff like that, but does anyone have details of what was modified?

    Thanks, I've been wondering!

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    Re: Known Indy Changes

    I remember reading somewhere (it may have been here) that the final Indy animatronic next to the fallen boulder was going to be replaced soon (to a better looking one like the one in the beginning), but I don't know if that happened yet. Other than that I don't think there are any major changes planned.

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    Re: Known Indy Changes

    Like its been said in the other posts, the eyes of mara in the hall of promise flash and grow in light intensity and shoots out a lot of fog where the pupil are. And the spirit of mara is new, it is a projected image that is more abstract than the first one, but can be seen a lot clearer. By abstract i mean, before it was a skeleton with red eyes that looked like one of the warriors from the dart hallway. Now it actually looks like an evil spirit. I found a video, its not the best, its... not good. Good thing is you get an idea of what the mara eye effect looks like, but not much eles.

    [ame=""]YouTube- ThemeParksOnline - Indiana Jones Adventure: The Temple Of The Forbidden Eye[/ame]
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