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    Glow Fest, Sat 6/12 Much Improved

    Tonight the Glow Fest started as planned in the Sunshine Plaza. They had moved one of the Alcohol stations from the front of Hollywood Blvd. to near the Plaza. This made more room for Dancing.

    They started about 30 minutes late (6;45) and is a stage presentation with three dance groups. Horribly costumed Disco Hip Hop, Modern Dance with Jetson outfits, and the Hit was the "Ballywood Step Dancers" from the village of Yorba Linda!.. The MC called himself Captain Colorful, and was a cast member who is normally in Laughing Stock in DLR. They ran through the show twice without brake to finish by 8:15. It now made much more since with the dancers continuing from the stage to Hollywood Blvd.

    1. The crowd was much smaller and missing drunk Ravers. (Annual Pass Blockout Saturday)

    2. The dancers put on a good show, and had space and time to interface with the kids and a several large Asian tour groups. Everyone was having fun, no visible drunks.

    3. The what I would call Disco Hip Hop male dancers had HORRIBLE costumes. Limiting or moving the Drink sales makes a huge differance.

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    Re: Glow Fest, Sat 6/12 Much Improved

    well this is good news, i want to go to glow fest more than once

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