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    Last December, we were at a meet for someone special who had traveled a very long distance to meet a bunch of Disney geeks Disneyland. We had just finished watching the Believe fireworks. My daughter had to go potty, which she did with a friend of mine. I went to retreive my stroller from a grassy area on Main Street.

    I get to the restrooms near Plaza Inn just in time to see her come out of the bathroom...without her Tinkerbell windbreaker (you know, the ones that are jersey lined). I took her right back in to the restrooms, not a second later, and the jacket was already missing. Needless to say, our evening was cut short.

    How rude to steal a child's jacket on a cold evening! We reported the jacket missing, but we were never contacted that it had been found. Nor were we given any sort of compensation, not that I ever expect any.

    On our next trip to the resort, we bought her the red Minnie Mouse windbreaker. I wonder if the DLR is more likely to compensate out of townguests over locals/APs.
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    I can tell you that my wife frequently tells me about purses she finds discarded in the restroom trash cans at DL.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, if you can't secure it, please don't bring it. You risk losing it, or worse, having it stolen from you.

    My wife and I bring fanny packs when we visit. If it can't fit in those, or be worn on the back or shoulder, than we leave it home. I realize that's hard to do when you have children and/or are from across the country (or elsewhere), but the end result is that you keep your stuff!
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    If I can't fit into the pockets of my cargo shorts it does not go with me.

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    Paper day-passes at Disneyland are easy to lose between park-hopping and fast-passing. If you buy paper day-passes from Disneyland, retain the recipet and record the serial number on the back. Keep this information with you - apart from your tickets. Disneyland cannot replace your ticket if it has been stolen, but they would be more likely to help you if you've got proof. I saw this happen in Florida. A woman misplaced her park-hopper, and with no serials, she was toast. She had to buy a new ticket.


    I once overheard a woman who yelped that her wallet was stolen from her bag during the fireworks. That's so cold!


    And once again, strollers account for most of Disney theft stories. They are neither lockers or shopping carts. RX-24 is right: Packing as if you are trudging through the "wilds of Borneo" and leaving your belongings out in the open is just asking for trouble. Especially if you leave formula unattended. Did anyone see The Disney Blog ( ) post the map of LA and its residing sex offenders? There is a disturbingly high concentration of sex-offenders living in proximity to the parks - more concentrated than in the rest of Orange and in the LA area.

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    I can't stress enough,how important it is to take your valuables with you. I know its Disneyland, but we have sick individuals everywhere. As a Security Officer, I have seen people leave camcorders, cameras, wallets, purses, etc., all left on the back of strollers because guests think it will be ok.
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    I guess we have just been EXTREMELY lucky. When our kids were younger we would leave all kinds of stuff in the strollers while we were on rides. Never had anything stolen.

    Just a few weeks ago I was changing my son's shoes on one of the benches by CA Screamin and left our video camera bag on the bench. We went over to Maliboomer and it wasn't until 20 minutes later that I realized what I had done. Needless to say I assumed the worst.
    Got back to the bench and it was sitting right where I left it. I was shocked to say the least. Anywhere else and it probably would have been gone.

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