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    Question Summer Pass/So Cal Resident

    Sorry if this has already been covered, I searched and found nothing current just from previous years. Rules change.

    I was wondering about the summer pass and the So Cal resident proof. My family and I are visiting my in laws in So Cal this summer and are taking the kids to Disney. Can my mother in law buy the summer pass tickets with her So Cal id, or do we all have to be So Cal residents? She is coming with us to Disney but probably not all days, would we have a problem getting in without her?


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    Re: Summer Pass/So Cal Resident

    I've bought them before for my daughter. She never had any issues using them to get into the park. Seriously, once they are paid for all they do is scan the ticket at the turnstiles. I've never seen them ask for ID to prove you are a resident. Not that they couldn't, but why hold up the line. As long as the person making the purchase can legally buy them I don't think Disney really cares if you "gift" them to someone after that.

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