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    Date night WoC viewing - available

    So I've a date tomorrow evening with a friend who lives an
    hour and half N of me (I'm in Orange / Santa Ana area). I've
    two tickets to the Resort in hand already and would love to
    be able to come over for dinner and a viewing of WoC. It's
    looking like 6 - 6:30 arrival is as early as we'll be able to swing.

    Do we have any chance of getting FPs for one of the 1st two
    WoC showings? Any hints, comments or ideas on making this


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    Re: Date night WoC viewing - available

    Well, from what I've heard, fastpasses run out pretty early in the day. You could try to do one of the dinner packages at Ariel's Grotto or the Trattoria, or a picnic meal.

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    Re: Date night WoC viewing - available

    No, you pretty much have zero chance.
    In fact, I don't think you'll even make the third show.
    It's the peak of summer and those tickets go fast.
    First show, on average around 12.
    Second show, on average around 3.
    Third show, on average around 6.
    Your best bet would be to buy a picnic meal if you can and they still have tickets left.
    But those start at 2 and end at 8.
    You can go for outside the viewing zone but you won't get the whole show.
    I say go for Fantasmic! It has some cute little romance scenes anyway.
    Although I'd say WoC is more romance, goosebumps heavy.
    Dance in the Tomorrowland Terrace, visit Glow Fest.
    Do the Matterhorn and bundle up close.
    Reserve a spot for fireworks on a blanket and have one of you go off and get some snacks. Churros, hot chocolate, etc. and just talk until show time.
    Fantasyland rides, Haunted Mansion.
    Take pictures in Toon Town, visit souvenir shops and buy each other something.
    All those things you would be able to do all in the time "wasted" trying to see WoC from lining up for the FP line, coming early for a spot, then watching the 30 minute show. It's about 3 - 5 hours from your day. Although some may argue it's worth it, there is still much to be done at the park that's romantic that could be more quantinous (not a word, I just made it up) and still be as much, and more fun and "cute" date worthy.

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    Re: Date night WoC viewing - available

    You may not get a pass for the first and second show, but you might get one for the 11:15 show. We went last Wednesday, didn't get there til after 5, and we got one for the last showing, no problem.

    In fact, my husband and I argued over whether to even go try to get one - he said they may still have some left and I was adamant that no way, no how would there be any left, but let's go by there anyway just to show how right I am and how wrong you are. It totally backfired on me, I had to eat some major crow for the rest of the evening. But we enjoyed the 11:15 show!

    Also, we got FP's on Saturday around 3:30 for the last showing.

    So give it a shot!
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