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    Short Photo Report from June 21-25

    I just wanted to share a few of the best pictures I took during our trip, June 21-25. They are not perfect, but I like how they turned out.

    We only get to the park once every couple years. This trip was special because it was my 4 year olds first time on the big boy rides (he loved Star Tours and the Matterhorn), my 1 year olds first time in the park, and their grandparents were able to come along.

    My main goals this trip were:
    - to see Captain EO (ok, goal done, I can move on),
    - ride Mr. Toad (had never done that, it's a classic, so I appreciated it for that),
    - see Murphy (very cool, glad she worked when I was there),
    - spend a night taking pictures (a night in the park to myself!!).
    We skipped WoC, tried once to get tickets, but they were for 11:15 and we didn’t want to keep our kids up that late.

    The night shots were taken with a Nikon D40, 35mm f/1.8. For most I used a Trek Tech T-Pod, but others were handheld. The rest were taken with a Kodak point and shoot. I hope you like them.

    First, two slightly different shots of the castle. I just love the color in these shots.

    The Mark Twain in Fantasmic. Again, I love the color and the reflection.

    I inhaled a lot of smoke to get these shots, but at least I got a spot right on the water 5 minutes after the show started.

    I love this shot of Murphy, since both she and Mickey appear to be looking the same direction.

    A few other random shots.

    My son being eaten by Goofy.

    And last, one of my favorite shots. I love the ghostly trails.

    I hope you liked what you saw. You are welcome to use them for your own personal wallpaper. If you wish to use them anywhere else, please PM me.
    Also, thank you very much to those who provided me with input before we left, both on this board and the pin trading one.

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    Re: Short Photo Report from June 21-25

    This is great! The Goof one is precious. Gotta love him!
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    Re: Short Photo Report from June 21-25

    Short but sweet! I love the pictures of the castle. I was at the park June 24th-27th and I never got close up pictures of it.

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    Re: Short Photo Report from June 21-25

    I love them all! Excellent castle shots and excellent F! shots! And great capture of the Hithiking Ghosts!
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    Re: Short Photo Report from June 21-25

    Very nice pics ~ glad your family had such a good time.

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    Re: Short Photo Report from June 21-25

    My personal favs are the first one of the Mark Twain and Goofy! Thanks for sharing!

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    Re: Short Photo Report from June 21-25

    I like the shots of Fantasmic!

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