View Poll Results: What is your favorite Fantasyland Dark Ride?

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  • Pinocchio

    7 5.69%
  • Snow White

    8 6.50%
  • Peter Pan

    65 52.85%
  • Mr. Toad

    38 30.89%
  • Alice In Wonderland

    30 24.39%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    favortite DL Dark Ride

    Mr Toads Wild Ride
    Peter Pan
    Alice in Wonderland
    Snow White's Scary adventure

    Mr. Toads really rules - Guilty I say Guilty! WOO WOO *#@ Crash *#@ Uh OH your in hell - it's so hot.


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    All of them!

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    This would get my vote if they ever brought back the smoking caterpillar that you used to see on the back side of the book over the operator's mushroom.
    When did they remove this? I seem to have a fuzzy memory of this from when I was a kid. Last time we went there wasnt even a caterpillar, just his shoes sitting on the mushroom and it really bothered me, because I could have sworn something else was there. If I recall correctly, the caterpillar had a hookah, and this steam like smoke came out of either the bottle or his mouth?

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    The Drugs Cost Too Much To Refill..
    "As usual he's taken over the coolest spot in the house"- Father re: Orville 1963

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    1>Peter Pan
    2>Mr Toad
    3>Alice In Wonderland
    4>Snow White
    This order. Pan and Toad are my favorites.
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    I Love Alice, you go Girl! The singing flowers in Alice are awesome!

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    It was a close race between Mr. Toad and Alice for me. I had to pick Mr. Toad for the sheer variety of things that happens. The way it's set up makes it feel more "wild" and "reckless" than it actually is.
    Alice in Wonderland is a lot of fun, plus the variety of indoor-outdoor aspects adds a little something to it.

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    Alice in Wonderland
    Mr. Toad
    Snow White
    Peter Pan

    Alice is the best because it's really long, has two levels, and the outside part is a lot of fun. The line is generally long but not unbearable for the most part.

    Mr. Toad in 2nd place because it's Mr. Toad.

    Pinocchio - I don't know, I just happen to like this ride. That and there is almost always no line.

    Snow White - I haven't been on this in quite a while so unfamiliarity places it 4th.

    Peter Pan - While the hanging aspect is fun and the room with London / fiber optic stars is nice I really loathe this ride because it's short, has an obscenely long line almost perpetually, and isn't really impressive or charming or anything else.

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    The old classic Peter Pan by far. It still has Walt's touch.

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