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    What is that building?

    Hey everyone,

    This weekend at Disneyland, I noticed a building that I've never really seen before. If you are walking towards the Lion King trams, it is on your left hand side, looks like it's made out of gray cinder block type rock, and has some long windows at the top of it. It appears to be behind Tomorrowland, and looks like it may have a track or something in it? It is right on the edge of the fence, beside the monorail track.

    Anyhow, hopefully I'm doing it justice in a description. Can anyone tell me what this building is? Boring office space?


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    Re: What is that building?

    What you are seeing is the top of the Costuming building. What you see is a facade and serves to camouflage the boring/ugly look of the actual building. The lower level of the building is where costumes are stored and issued, and also houses the parkside Team Center. The upper level is a large locker room along with changing rooms and showers.

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