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    Small fire affects EP a few weeks ago?

    Sorry if this is old news or has already been posted, but I looked a ways back and didn't see anything.

    Anyways, a friend told me there was a fire in the parade building at WDW's MK a few weeks ago. It didn't seem to do too much damage, just a few costume pieces were ruined. She said there might have been some damage to Pete's Dragon, but wasn't positive.

    I don't know if anyone has heard anything else but hopefully the EP returns to us in good shape. Oh, and while nobody seems to know 100% what the timeline for its return looks like, I've heard that we likely won't be seeing it back this year. Take it with whatever amount of salt you need.

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    Re: Small fire affects EP a few weeks ago?

    Did you search the WDW forums for information on this topic? It would most likely be over there if there was any.

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