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    AP Renewal Deals?

    Where's Dark Beer when you really need him???

    I have a Premium AP. Last year I bought a Costco AP pack which came with a $50 gift card and used both for renewal. Disney let me upgrade the Costco AP to a Premium AP (with me paying the extra at the gate.) But that, plus the 10% renewal discount, brought down the total price by almost $100.

    This year, what's the best way to renew an AP?

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    Re: AP Renewal Deals?

    good question! i have a premier pass (the new one for both parks...long story why i have it, i dont really go to WDW a lot...haha) and I was wondering if Disney had any renewal deals...sorry im not really any help, i just wanted to know the same thing haha =P
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    Re: AP Renewal Deals?

    I am too wondering this. I am hopefully upgrading to a Premium tonight, and I was wondering about any deals. I also got the Costco deal last year (for the Deluxe).

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