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    Fantasmic Buffet?

    How hard is it to get buffet seating if you call 30 days prior?

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    Re: Fantasmic Buffet?

    They sell out by 8:02am. So you better call starting prior to that. And keep trying, for each day of your stay.

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    Re: Fantasmic Buffet?

    Disneychrista is right, they sell out almost INSTANTLY!
    What I did was call a minute before and then kept redialing until I got through.
    Then I said "Fantasmic Dessert Buffet" and the date, time and number of people and credit card number.
    I found that if you speak fast with a sense of urgency they type fast. If you give them a pleasant "good morning" they type slow and you wont get in.
    So, my advice is to be a bit rude and apoligize after you get in!

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