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    World of Color Piano Intro Cover

    This is a cover of the World of Color Intro that my cousins friend did. Enjoy!

    [ame=""]YouTube - ‪Walt Disney's World of Color Theme -Piano Intro-‬‎[/ame]

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    Re: World of Color Piano Intro Cover

    SHEET MUSIC PLEASE!!!! (and this is after hearing the first 3 seconds because my internet takes a while to buffer youtube stuff, meanin it's already that good!)

    edit: nvm on the sheet music request –*read on his description that he has no plans of distributing it, BUT if you can change your cousin's mind, that'd be great

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    Re: World of Color Piano Intro Cover

    That's great. Did they play this out by ear?
    YouTube page: The Sorcerer's Lair

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    -Drawn to the Magic

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    -Julie Andrews

    "Some imagination, huh?"
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    "Dreams are make believe, till they all come true"

    "Believe me: this is one of the most exciting and challenging things that we've ever tackled at Walt Disney Enterprises"
    -Walt Disney.

    "Disney has helped bring out the magic in us. Now let's work together and help bring out the magic in others."

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    Re: World of Color Piano Intro Cover

    Very nicely done! I've been very slowly working on my own piano arrangement, and this is giving me inspiration to pick up the pace. I find it really interesting how there are certain things your cousin's friend does much better than I'm currently doing (e.g. certain runs and countermelodies), but then there'll be a chord that I think I've got right and he doesn't quite. Always fascinates me how different brains work. Now I've just got to find a piano and start putting all this inspiration to use!

    Anyway, if your cousin's friend doesn't read MiceChat, please extend heartfelt thanks, applause, congratulations, and generally dropped jaws from all of us!

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    Re: World of Color Piano Intro Cover

    OMG!!! Great video!
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    Re: World of Color Piano Intro Cover

    That was awesome. I would absolutely love audio of this...
    Then again, I'd absolutely love all of the World of Color music.
    Give your cousin's friend a high-five for me, please.

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