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    It's a Secret........... Sssssssshhhhhhhh!!!!!!

    Last Day For The Disneyland All - American College Band.

    So, apparently, tomorrow, Friday The 13th Of August, will be the last day for the Disneyland All - American College Band for the Summer.

    Does anyone have any ideas or know the set times for tomorrow. It doesn't seem to have it on the Disneyland Website.

    Also, I recommend, for those who haven't seen them yet, to watch them. They are surely entertaining.
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    Re: Last Day For The Disneyland All - American College Band.

    We almost didn't get to see them as they were not on the DL daily entertainment schedule. We happened to come across them as they were playing their jazz set at the Plaza Inn (I think it was called that ). They are fantastic!!! And their marching band set is also very cool.

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    Re: Last Day For The Disneyland All - American College Band.


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    Re: Last Day For The Disneyland All - American College Band.

    With tomorrow being Friday, they will be at the Plaza Gardens Stage providing the music for the Swing Dancers, which is a great place to get pics and videos. You also can dance with some of them.

    Here are some pics I got last month of them at the Plaza Gardens for the 7:10 set:

    One of the band members dancing with a guest.
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