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    Re: ideas

    Quote Originally Posted by WDWizard View Post
    But..but...the Winery & Pacific Wharf are considered attractions. I was half-joking when I said there was already an SF area,though. Just thought it'd be a good idea to do something with that bridge.

    Hmm, not sure. But I found this:
    ..Whatever that means. The theater building itself is huge, though. Don't know how they're going to re-theme that large front facade into a traditional theater entrance and marquee because of it's height. In the concept artwork for the streetcars in Hollywoodland it shows that they do intend to do it, but it doesn't look like a finalized design or anything.
    There is a more developed design for the Hyperion. Here is a screen capture from one of the bluesky cellar videos that showed it.

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    Re: If "A Bug's Land" was demolished, all of it, what would you like to see there?

    Quote Originally Posted by MistaDee View Post
    I had an earlier idea where the Wharf and FFF would be two seperated but linked lands. The Wharf would represent San Francisco during the Gold Rush and FFF and ITTBAB would be the gold lands with a boomtown and mine. The anchoring ride would be a water coaster WRE that boards in the Wharf goes above or below Maters and enters the showbuilding that occupies half of FFF or so and then disembarks in the boomtown area. The distance between the two sublands represents the journey to the goldfields. Kinda out there but oh well. Watcha think?
    the idea sounds interesting but would be extremely costly.

    having the water coaster going over Maters would be out of the question because it would thematically destroy the main entrance of CarsLand as well as the backdrop that they are creating with the large expensive rockwork. Guests walking down the parade corridor would see coaster supports in front of the ornament valley rockwork destroying the scale.

    Having the coaster go underground below Mater would never go with any of the accountants or heads in charge. first of all we are talking about a huge piece of land that would have be dug out while still making sure that the large investment for MAters and the entrance of Carsland are not affected. It would be like building a huge wide tunnel under an operating attraction and main walkway that is several hundred feet long.

    The only possibility is to have the water coaster portion that would need to travel form the wharf to the FFF area be built within the backstage road that will remain between the farmers expo buildings and Carsland just north of Cozy Cone Motel. the problem is that they need access to that road since they use some of those structures for backstage infrustructure including cast use

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    Re: If "A Bug's Land" was demolished, all of it, what would you like to see there?

    Quote Originally Posted by DCAfanatic View Post
    Discovery Land and Add Mission Space DCA needs this attraction it is the best
    mission space thematically in DCA would not work unless they could somehow turn Condor flats into a land dedicated to Californias flight and space industry but its too small of a land to build Mission Space.

    with that said mission space will most likely never be cloned.

    The original plans WDI had was to make mission space the next franchise attraction that would have shown up in Disneyland and Tokyo. Huge budget problems with the construction in WDW along with legal issues with company that was involved with the ride development pretty much slowed the idea of cloning it. Then if that was not enough the WDW version started showing up in the news with people dying of pre-existing conditions after riding the attraction.

    WDI's plans of gutting out innoventions and putting mission Space there were scrapped really fast

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