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    Any new or recent tips for parking?

    I know the parking situation has been discussed in the past, but I was wondering if there have been any updates/changes/improvements.

    The last two times we went there (Dec. 2009 and Apr. 2010) - the parking situation was horrid. December was particularly bad - we waited 2 1/2 hours to park. We are going again in the next week or two and wanted to know if the situation has improved any or is it still just as bad?

    Also, does anyone have any parking tips to share with myself as well as anyone else who may be making a trip in the near future?

    One tip I learned the hard way, unless you know 100% absolutely for sure where you are going and that a route is open, just follow Disney's/Anaheim's electric parking signs! Most times you will end up getting turned back and going right where they would have directed you to anyway, except now you've lost a lot more time.

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    Re: Any new or recent tips for parking?

    Check out the link below for some:

    The DLR Transportation and Parking Tracker

    Please note one major difference is that the Buzz Lightyear lot is now part of the larger, 3,500 space Toy Story parking area (consistig of three lots: Buzz, Woody, and Jessie), and is open every day with fantastic shuttle bus service. I recommend parking here. It's on the corner of Harbor and convention way. Most eletronic signs will direct you to this lot now.

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    Re: Any new or recent tips for parking?

    The parking was pretty good this year. I went on July 15-16 and Aug 11. When we made it to the Mickey and Friend's parking structure. Our car were always on the move and we made it to the fourth or fifth floor of the parking lot. Most of the area is clear of cars and lots of spaces. So it was good for us. I think Disney improved it. We went to the Disneyland Resort pretty early like around 9:30 am. So, we got our parking space on mostly Donald's and Daisy's Parking area. We didn't have to wait!

    Tip: Get to the park early if you can or go on the weekdays. Less cars during in the morning or noon. Weekends is really horrid for parking spaces, I heard. Weekdays are the best for parking and getting their early is the best, because most of the parking areas are clear and you can get their pretty fast, since you don't have to wait and the you just keep on going, until you arrived with open parking spaces. And just follow the cast member's signal and the signs.

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    Re: Any new or recent tips for parking?

    If you are the type that likes to arrive at DLR around noon or later, park at the Toy Story Parking Lot. It's located on Harbor Boulevard south of Katella Avenue.
    The lines to get into the parking lot are very short. Plus, if you haven't purchased your tickets ahead of time they have cash registers(Credit/Debit card ONLY) set up by the shuttle bus pick up area. And these are very short compared to the main ticket booths that everyone usually flocks to.

    I used to park at the main parking structure, Mickey & Friends Parking Structure, but after experiencing long lines from 12noonish and onwards, I now park at the Toy Story lot. Very convenient. Park, buy tickets, hop on board the shuttle bus, walk to the entrance, and there you go! Happy ending!
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