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    Daisy Duck Character

    My friend's daughter is all about Daisy Duck. They are heading to the park Labor Day weekend. Any chance Daisy will be out? Where might she be seen if she is? Any other Daisy in the park--besides CASP!? Thanks.
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    Re: Daisy Duck Character

    daisy is extremely rare. If found in the park it all it is a random busy day like a holiday weekend like that, shed be on main street early afternoon. But like i said its extremely rare. She is more likely to be at the breakfast at the Paradise Pier Hotel
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    Re: Daisy Duck Character

    Like Karebear said Daisy is very very very hard to fine. Send Sept. 2002 when I started my character hunt I finally got to see Daisy this year on Main Street around 3pm when I came back from DCA side. I was getting in line for her but it was to late to get a picture with her. These where the best I could do to get her. These where done in April of this year.

    So yeah she is very hardto fine. So I don't think other then the parade you be able to fine her.

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