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    Planning a trip without the kids!!

    I convinced my wife to join me for a trip to DL without the kids! I am pretty excited, because there were so many things I would like to do that we could not do on our last two trips with them (like ride rides together for a change!). We love our kids, but it is nice to get away every now and then to remember what it is like to be a grownup

    Anyway, in the past we have stayed at the DLH and the GCH, but we are looking to do this a bit cheaper so we will likely stay at one of the off-site hotels nearby (Hojo, etc.) and focus on the parks and downtown Disney, and hopefully have dinner at the Napa Rose one night. I was actually pretty shocked at how much more expensive the rooms are at the Disney hotels (even though the GCH was great for the entire family to enjoy once).

    We plan to go Feb 6-9th because there do not appear to be any conventions, school/federal holidays, and its "off-season", so hopefully less crowded. Does anyone think this is a bad time to go? We know its going to be cooler, but that is fine with us. I cannot tell what the park hours are going to be yet on the calendar, nor what rides might be down for refurb, nor even what shows are going to be available (parades and stuff), so anyone with past experience on that would really be helpful.

    I want this to be a great experience for my wife. Admittedly I am the kid at heart in the marriage, but she does know how to have fun. If anyone else has any tips for parents going to DL without kids, I would certainly appreciate them!


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    Smile Re: Planning a trip without the kids!!

    Off-peak is a mixed bag because while you have less crowds, you also have shorter hours, less staffing, refurbs - I would suggest Christmas time, it's probably at it's most romantic. But if February it is, I would suggest you try to NOT jam-pack your itinerary.

    Me and my wife have gone a couple of times without our little girls, and just sitting there, people-watching, or having a nice dinner and talking - with only the occasional "big" ride (indy, splash, space, big thunder, cali screamin, etc...) - has rewarded us way more than doing the same thing we do with the girls, or the same rides we get on with them.

    Napa rose is good, so is storyteller's cafe at the GCH, try the gumbo at Orleans (i just did and loved it) - but also hit the little snacks like pretzels, bengal bbq, and sit and enjoy some of the live music at night - that is really nice if you're without the kids!

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    Re: Planning a trip without the kids!!

    Thanks a bunch! Those were the types of things we were thinking about. When we went last with the kids, we were there for 5 days and did everything we wanted at least two or 5 times! This time we would actually like to go and smell the roses. Rides are fun, but so is just sitting and watching, or slow strolling through the park. Riding the train would be fun without kids too for a change

    Thanks again, those are good tips.

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