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    Does Disneyland have marathon openings anymore?

    In 1985, Disneyland was open for 24 hours straight to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Then in January, 1987, Disneyland was open for 60 hours straight to celebrate the opening of Star Tours. I was lucky enough to attend both events! I moved to New York a few years later and didn't keep up on marathon events like this.

    Does anyone know if they still have this type of thing or plan to in the future? Is there a list of marathon openings? Was there ever anything longer than the 60 hour event?


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    Re: Does Disneyland have marathon openings anymore?

    I think 60 was the longest. I doubt they'll do it again, because if they were going to it would have been for the 50th.

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    Re: Does Disneyland have marathon openings anymore?

    I wish they would do that again! That would be so awesome.

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