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    Re: If you could go back in time

    I wish I'd gotten on the C33 waiting list in 1985, the first time I learned about the club. But at that point, the 15-ish year waiting list seemed like an eternity, and I couldn't imagine I'd ever have the discretionary income to be able to afford a C33 membership. Of course, 15 years went by in a flash; and as it turned out, the membership fees would have been doable.

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    Re: If you could go back in time

    see country bears , ride people mover and skyway
    ✶Dreams do come true!!!✶

    Think of the Happiest things ... its the same as having wings

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    Re: If you could go back in time

    i really don't know how to answer the question.... cause really, i want to do EVERYTHING. everything you've all mentioned and more.
    "And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by" (John Masefield)

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    Re: If you could go back in time

    Another great thread.

    Where to begin?

    A trip to the Tahitian Terrace would be great.
    Mexican food at Casa de Fritos.
    Walking through the Swiss Family Treehouse and hearing that great thematic music again.
    A visit to Bear Band.
    Riding the Skyway through the Matterhorn and the Keel Boats around Tom Sawyer's Island.
    Tom Sawyer's Island.
    Flights to Mars (or the Moon), traveling through Mighty Microscopes, and venturing to the North Pole on Subs in Tomorrowland.
    Riding the Jets above the PeopleMover station again.
    America the Beautiful!!!!! In Circlevision.
    Making a phone call from one of the booths outside the exit of Circlevision.
    Taking a spin on the Carousel of Progress or America Sings.
    Would love to see America on Parade again.
    Seeing Skull Rock again...I agree!
    Getting to Space by going up the speedramp.
    Hearing all that great retro attraction music in Tomorrowland again!
    And I like the "dangerous rapids" on Motorboats that someone mentioned.

    To start with....

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    Re: If you could go back in time

    Ride Space Mountain and hear the old soundtrack!
    Most recent Disney trip - 06/25/11

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