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I don't think this is really true. Its understood by "all" CM's that weekends and holidays are typical workdays. Even Walt said and its mentioned in traditions (I think) That "we work while others play" That place never stops. Sure a few managers and staff are going to get Christmas off but there are always experienced CM's working.
It's based on the rule of seniority (or so I was told when I did the College Program) that the longer you've worked for the parks...the more flexible your work schedule and benefits become.

I worked the Spectromagic parades at Magic Kingdom on Christmas (I was in costuming). Pretty much anyone who knew anything about how to deal with the electrical wiring, costumes, and the like bailed out on us that day. I was supposed to continue my training on that day but due to understaffing my training got cut short. It was hell on all of us, especially the way the character performers treated costumers who worked that parade. Not a pleasant thing to work understaffed.