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    AP Renewal Question

    On Sept 24th, I am going with friends to DL. They have current AP's which will be within 30 days of their renewal date. They are also going to allow me to put my new (expired June 8th) PAP on the same credit card and make payments back to them. My friends (married couple with same day expirations) are wondering if they need to prepare for a large payment at the time of the renewal (I will be bringing $100 to apply to my new one) or will their monthly payments simply continue.

    What I'm asking is... Seeing as their passes have not yet expired, do they have to do the "single days' admission down payment" in order to continue being AP holders. I know I will have to do the large down payment because I'm starting over. But do they have to do this in order to "continue" with theirs?

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    Re: AP Renewal Question

    1) letting a friend pay for your pass is kind of dangerous. If you don't pay them, they are stuck with the payment no matter what...If they don't make the payments, you are out of a pass. So be careful with that deal.

    2) If the pass is not expired you can renew it without the big down payment but they will add the $76 to the monthly payment spread out over 12 months, so the monthly payment will be a little higher.

    3) If the pass has expired you can renew it by paying the down payment OR, you can skip the down payment and add it to your monthly payments but your new pass will be back dated to your old passes expiration date.
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