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    Re: The Pros and Cons of Disney California Adventure

    pro: Nice CALIFORNIA letters. Less walking.
    I don't like main street usa, too much walking.
    Basically Main Street is just giftshops and food locations just for u to waste lots of $$$$$$

    Con:No fireworks show or Rockin Roller Coaster. No entrance from PPH to DCA.
    GRR is a total waste of space and so boring. Why is the mt so big if there's nothing inside of it. Splash mt uses less space, more entertaining, and longer ride.

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    Re: The Pros and Cons of Disney California Adventure

    Pro's: Tower of Terror, Animation Building, Grizzly River/state park area.

    Con: The fact that the company doesn't seemingly care about potential attractions and additions that could honor California and be interesting and have some film tie ins at the same time (Classic Disney 1920's/silly symphonies characters or villains in a boardwalk spookhouse, Spanish Missions with a Zorro stunt show, nice restaurant, combo dark ride/coaster, area about mythic California legends or cryptzoological creatures (Thunderbirds, Bigfoot, Native American deities, etc).

    A lot could be done to make the park worthy and fun and expand the boundaries of making a theme park about California...but Disney's knee jerk response was to add more cartoon franchises once they saw people didn't care about the lame duck rides and "hip" mentality they added instead of going full throttle and imaginative in honoring the Golden State. It is the wrong mentality, frankly...that because the creative vision at the start was misguided in executing a theme, the fix is to throw cartoon characters at it (Disney and Pixar both). I hope they can get over that.
    when the spooks have a midnight jamboree....

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    Re: The Pros and Cons of Disney California Adventure

    Quote Originally Posted by ICe101 View Post

    My view: California has to be the weakest Disney Park theme ever.
    Its all California. No Disney movies take place in California. Its all just about California. . :
    Cars takes place at the fontana speedway and little mermaid is based off the california coast somewhere between laguna and san diego. Come on now didn't u know.

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    Re: The Pros and Cons of Disney California Adventure

    We'll DCA has paths that are VERY open except for the Path near Bugsland and ToT, thats is its Adventureland.
    WOC is a great show for what it is and the fact that it can be changed at a press of a button is very impressive and useful to have AP's coming back.
    Free tortillas and bread...yeah this is a great afternoon snack if you walkthrough a couple times.
    Toy Story...yeah it doesnt fit theme blah blah blah...its the most fun attraction for me
    The lines...besides WOC, Soarin, and Toy Story the lines are mostly below 30 mins were at DL most lines are 30+ min after noon.

    Hollywood...yeah besides the ToT and Aladdin area the land is useless.

    Bugsland - Got original with this one....carnival rides with themes.....yah

    Not enough Halloween or Christmas themed items...just not as much as across the park hopefully this changes when Car's land opens.

    HSM3 and Disney Dance Crew.....and if your not a 12 little old girl your like wow this is entertainment.

    Lastly no Train around the park...yeah who wants to walk around this park and DL...thats a lot of walking if you get there at 8AM and are leaving at midnight.
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    Re: The Pros and Cons of Disney California Adventure

    I would be curious as to how many of the "Disneyland Uber Alles" crowd are native Californians for whom DL is their home park. I will not hide my affiliation--I am a born-and-bred Floridian who grew up going to WDW, and moved to SoCal several years ago. At the urging of my girlfriend, a DL homer, I have visted DL a few times, including a visit just this week on New Year's Eve. On the whole, I've been disappointed with the “original.” I’m not saying that one is superior to the other, but there are quite a few points that the seemingly fanatical Pro-DL crowd have left out:

    (1) First of all, the comparison on this thread seems artificially restricted--the somewhat defensive-seeming Pro-DL crowd has arbitrarily restricted the discussion to just MK vs. DL. That’s like saying “Compare New York to London, but you can ONLY look at Central Park and Kensington Gardens.” The best part about WDW is that it not only has a park that is 90% identical to DL, but also has infinitely *more* attractions to it. Let’s face it--unless you are a total MouseHead fanboy who rushes out to buy every “limited release” Disney movie when it comes out, and still wears his original mouse ears that his parents bought him twenty years ago, you have to admit that even the “best” rides at the Disney parks are pretty tame as coasters go. Even most state fairs now have four or five rides that beat anything at *any* of the Disney parks for excitement/speed/thrills. Unless you’re (a) chaperoning small children, or (b) spending your whole time at DL trying to relive your own childhood by riding “Snow White’s Scary Adventure” and the Storyland Theme Boats five times each, there’s just not that much to do in the park itself. When you’re finished there, where do you go--California Adventure?? To the best of my knowledge, that’s the only theme park to be unfavorably compared to prison in a “Simpsons” episode. DL is two(-ish) undersized parks with an outdoor mall tacked on, all crammed into downtown Anaheim. WDW is almost literally an entire "world"--four theme parks, two water parks, two malls/entertainment districts, 17 hotels, four golf courses, over *25,000* acres (heck, it even has its own wedding chapel, for cryin’ out loud) far outside of the Orlando city limits. You could spend an entire week there and not exhaust the possibilities.

    (2) Size Matters, Part 2 (or, “So that’s it?”). Even when comparing DL to MK, size matters. The first time I went to DL, after we had walked from one end to the other, my first words to my girlfriend were, “So that’s it? That’s the *whole* park?” I had to walk back through “New Orleans Square” because I blinked twice the first time walking through, and missed it. For the fanboy MouseHeads who keep prattling on about the “experience,” how can you even pretend to immerse yourself in “Fantasyland” when you’re only 50 feet away from blaring rocketships and space guns? Even if you are deadset on reliving the whole second-childhood thing, it’s much easier to believe you’re really in “Adventureland” when you can stand in the middle of it and not see the borders of three other clashing “lands” right in front of you.

    (3) Size Matters, Part 3 (aka “Intimate and Cozy”). While we're on the topic of size, the Pro-DL crowd try to spin the small size of DL by claiming they prefer its “intimate” and “cozy” nature. Please. Calling DL “intimate” and “cozy” is simply spin-doctorese for “cramped” and “crowded.” The times I have been to DL (granted, one was on New Year’s Eve--an experience which I will *never* repeat), I couldn’t believe the crowds, or the amount of time I spent going around/under/through/behind/between mobs of people. Even if you want to believe that DL is inherently better than MK (and ignore everything outside either park), at DL you’re constantly having to fight your way through masses of humanity; there are too many people cramped into too little space. Because DL is a day trip from most of Southern California’s 28.5 *million* people (and just two hours from the Mexican border) lots of folks have annual passes, and just show up whenever they feel like it--the park is packed all year long! By comparison, other than Orlando itself, the only population centers in the same state as WDW are Tampa (70 miles away), Jacksonville (160 miles), and Miami (240 miles). As such, you don’t get nearly as many mobs of people with annual passes crowding the park every pleasant weekend day. This holiday season, DL was so crowded that they actually *turned people away* at the gate, even if the people had pre-purchased tickets! The last time I was there, Indiana Jones and Space Mountain FastPasses sold out by *noon.* The non-FastPass lines for Space Mountain and Indiana Jones were never less than 90 minutes long, and both rides broke down at least twice (each) during the day. We got to the park about when it opened, and were there for about 15 hours--it would have taken 3 hours (1/5 of our time) just to wait in line for two rides! Call me crazy, but I’d prefer to be a little less “intimate” and “cozy” than that.

    (4) Setting/Location. As far as weather goes, Anaheim definitely gets the nod over my native Florida, but I notice that none of the Pro-DL posters discuss the hassles of getting to/from DL. Driving to WDW is easy--no matter what day/time you arrive, you take the appropriate exit off of I-4, and you’re there at the enormous parking lot. DL, however, is a whole different matter--getting there is akin to planning the Normandy invasion. Want to come on a weekend? Too bad--as I said, 20+ million Southern California residents live within an hour of the park, and many of them have annual passes. OK, then, we’ll avoid the rush and go there on a weekday; let’s get there when the park opens. Oh, wait a minute--that’s smack in the middle of the four-hour long Southern California morning rush hour (from roughly 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. for you out-of-staters). OK, so we’ll arrive early and beat the rush. Now, after waking up at 4 a.m. or so, you’re in downtown Anaheim at 5:30....with nothing to do for 3 and a half hours until the park opens, and asleep on your feet by the time the fireworks start at night! Well then, maybe we’ll arrive a little later, and try to beat the rush-hour traffic. Whoops! Now you have to deal with the fact that the DL parking lot just isn’t big enough to accommodate visitors, and you’ll get whisked back and forth on the back roads of downtown Anaheim, redirected to an auxiliary parking structure that Disney rents from a hotel, where you’ll join a parade of SUVs winding their way through trying to find a spot. (Ever try to get into/out of a sports stadium parking structure when the game lets out? Same experience.).

    (5) “The original.” A recurring theme among the Pro-DL crowd is that DL is “the original,” a “classic” and as such has some unquantifiable “charm” that renders it superior to WDW. Has anyone here ever bought a house? There’s a reason that seeing a house advertised as “charming” or “a classic” raises red flags--those are generally code words for “broken-down,” “antiquated,” and “old.” For lack of a better word, I was struck by how ‘dated’ most of the attractions at DL seemed. In DL’s case, I would not call it the “original” so much as the “prototype.” The folks at Disney saw what was wrong with the “original” DL, and fixed the errors at WDW. It seems to me that the Pro-DL crowd are simply trying to imbue their homer bias with some mystical quality by pointing their noses in the air and saying “original.”

    (6) Matterhorn, Schmatterhorn. One of the big Pro-DL points is “Well, DL has the Matterhorn.” I might be tempted to give DL points for this....if I was ever able to ride it. This aging relic has been broken down/not running EVERY time I’ve been there. This past visit, on New Year’s Eve, at least one of the two tracks was up and running, so I got in line. After spending about half an hour in the line winding around the “mountain,” I was within sight of the boarding platform...only to be informed that the ride had broken down, and that it would take 45 MORE minutes to fix it. My girlfriend and I left, came back several hours later...and had the *exact same* experience. After 30 minutes standing in line (again) with other footsore fellow travelers, we were (again) confronted by the mysterious voice over the intercom telling us that the ride had broken down (again) and that it would take another 45 minutes to fix it. End result: We spent an hour waiting in line for a ride that we never rode, and to date, I’ve still never ridden the Matterhorn, despite living in Southern California for 10 years. I refuse to give DL any “points” for this attraction if they can’t actually get the dilapidated fossil up and running on a regular basis. (Curiously enough, there is also no FastPass for the Matterhorn--it’s as if Disney wants you to endure some sacrifice/rite of passage just to prove your worthiness to ride it.)

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    Re: The Pros and Cons of Disney California Adventure

    Quote Originally Posted by robb8888 View Post
    A really well-written and decently thought out comparison between Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom by a WDW-homer
    Your points are pretty decently received and well-written (even if I have issue with some of them), but I think you've misplaced them. This thread is discussing the pros and cons of the California Adventure park in Anaheim, and no one has said anything about comparing Disneyland to the Magic Kingdom. Your post would probably be much better received and would fit better in a thread that compares those two parks, rather than this thread.

    But like I said, you obviously put a lot of work into this post, so I don't want to dismiss it altogether. I think it just needs a better home .
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    Re: The Pros and Cons of Disney California Adventure

    Quote Originally Posted by oo_nrb View Post
    Your points are pretty decently received and well-written (even if I have issue with some of them), but I think you've misplaced them. This thread is discussing the pros and cons of the California Adventure park in Anaheim, and no one has said anything about comparing Disneyland to the Magic Kingdom. Your post would probably be much better received and would fit better in a thread that compares those two parks, rather than this thread.

    But like I said, you obviously put a lot of work into this post, so I don't want to dismiss it altogether. I think it just needs a better home .
    I second this! haha anyways..

    Pro: Beautiful Park! CA Screaming! ToT! Soarin! GRR! TSMM! WoC! And all the new additions coming!

    Cons: Sightline Issues with the Anaheim Convention Center!

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